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Add to bag. Availability date:. Keshav's favourite game is to hide in a rolled up mat and pretend he is travelling to all the places he has marked in his atlas. He is delighted when he discovers that his friend, Lobsang, is really from a place that he has marked in his map — Tibet!

The Snow King's Daughter is a charmingly imagined story that delicately explores the reality of exile and the longing for home. Charm and delicacy resonate in the illustrations as well, giving the story an endearing quality. View larger. Shop By Language.

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Nikoo loves to paint Nikoo's Paintbrus Add to cart. The tension between the British kingdoms is made clear as King Gorfyddyd of Powys does not attend and King Gundleus of Siluria is tardy.

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Uther makes it clear that no man, other than his grandson Mordred, will sit on the throne of Dumnonia. Since Mordred is only a baby, he appoints three guardians — King Tewdric of Gwent ; Owain , Uther's champion of Dumnonia; and Merlin — and also a foster father to Mordred, who will marry the Princess Norwenna. Agricola, champion of Gwent, proposes Arthur, but Uther disowns Arthur as his son. King Gundleus is then appointed as Mordred's guardian and marries Norwenna.

After Tewdric and Owain give their oaths as guardians, Morgan insists that Merlin will only take the oath if Arthur is appointed as a guardian, a demand Uther reluctantly accepts after Tewdric backs up Morgan.

After Uther dies, Mordred, still only a baby, is pronounced King of Dumnonia. He is not High King because that title can only be given to a king accepted as higher than the other British kings, nor is he the Pendragon, as that title is only given to a High King who wins his rank in battle. Following Uther's death, King Gorfyddyd attacks Gwent.

Dumnonia and Siluria rush to the aid of Gwent. King Gundleus sends news of victory and announces he is coming to Ynys Wydryn to be with his new wife. Morgan and Nimue tell Norwenna that Gundleus lied and that the war is not over, but she does not believe them. When he arrives, Gundleus kills Norwenna and, it seems, also the baby Mordred. Then, in retribution for Nimue's curse, he rapes her and plucks out an eye.

Derfel rescues Nimue and while escaping runs into Morgan, who has the baby Mordred with her. She explains that Gundleus had actually killed the baby of the child king's nurse, who had been switched with the real Mordred. Derfel takes the sword of his dead swordmaster, Hywel, and later names it Hywelbane. The group flee with Gundleus in pursuit. As they reach the Dumnonian capital at Caer Cadarn , Derfel joins Owain's army, kills his first enemy, and prepares to enter the battle against the much stronger Silurian army.

However, Arthur appears with his horsemen during the battle and defeats Gundleus. In the aftermath of the battle, Arthur imprisons Gundleus but treats him with respect, as Gundleus is still a king and Arthur is very observant of the customs of the nobility. Much to Derfel's displeasure, Arthur gives Derfel to Owain to train, but under Owain's leadership, Derfel learns the realities of war.

Owain is dishonest and seeks war for profit. While Derfel is with him, Owain enters into an agreement with Prince Cadwy of Isca to massacre a group of Cornish tin miners who had been working in Dumnonia at Uther's invitation. Derfel is traumatised by the unwarranted slaughter, and as a result loses faith in Owain as a leader, though he has sworn an oath not to betray Owain's dishonesty.

When Prince Tristan , Edling of Kernow , arrives in Dumnonia and demands recompense for the massacre, Owain blames an Irish raiding party. Arthur suspects Owain is lying and, after speaking with Derfel, challenges Owain to resolve the matter in a court of swords , a battle to the death where the gods are called on to give victory to the truth.

Arthur defeats Owain and assumes complete power in Dumnonia, and then takes Derfel into his service to spare him the vengeance of Owain's supporters. Arthur wishes to end the civil war and unite the British kingdoms against the Sais Saxons. To do this, he enters into a peace treaty with Powys: he will return Gundleus to the throne of Siluria and then marry Ceinwyn, the daughter of Gorfyddyd.

He travels north to Powys, where he is formally betrothed to Ceinwyn. However, when King Leodegan 's daughter Guinevere enters the feasting hall, Arthur is immediately stricken with love. He abandons Ceinwyn and marries Guinevere, destroying any hope of alliance and plunging Britain back into civil war. In the years following Arthur's marriage to Guinevere, Derfel grows into a great warrior and is given a second name, "Cadarn", meaning "The Mighty".

Sagramor , Arthur's Numidian commander, initiates Derfel into the mysteries of the secret warrior-cult of Mithras. Arthur receives a summons from the Armorican kingdom of Benoic, to which he swore an oath to be the kingdom's champion, for assistance against the invading Franks. Unable to go himself, he sends Derfel with 60 men. Derfel is to join forces with Arthur's cousin Culhwch and to write to Arthur if more men are necessary.

Before he leaves, Sagramor warns Derfel of the Edling of Benoic, Lancelot , saying he can be treacherous. Upon arriving, Derfel is taken to Ynys Trebes , the island capital of Benoic. There he meets King Ban , who is upset when he learns that Arthur is not coming but is delighted upon learning that Derfel is a literate warrior. At dinner, Derfel meets Lancelot and the two instantly dislike each other.

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Derfel is only prevented from beating Lancelot senseless by the intervention of Galahad , Lancelot's half-brother. Galahad explains in private that Lancelot will not take defeat lightly and suggests that Derfel leave Ynys Trebes immediately. Derfel takes Galahad's advice and returns to shore accompanied by Galahad, who wishes to fight alongside him. Derfel then spends three years in Benoic and learns quickly that Lancelot's fearsome reputation has nothing to do with his prowess in battle and everything to do with paying poets to sing his praises.

Derfel and Galahad begin a campaign to slow the advance of the Frankish barbarian hordes. In this they succeed and become feared by the Franks. They start to call Derfel and his warriors "wolves" and Derfel and his men adopt this as their nickname and wear wolf-tail plumes on their helmets. However, they are eventually pushed back to Ynys Trebes, where Lancelot has taken charge of defending the city. At a council of war, Lancelot insists that the kingdom can survive within the city's wall, as the city is self-sufficient. After several months under siege, the city falls.

Lancelot with his mother and followers, and the kingdom's treasure, flee as soon as the city is breached. As a great massacre ensues, Derfel feels compelled to return to the palace, where he finds King Ban resigned to his fate and Father Celwin in the library frantically searching for a particular Roman scroll, both refusing to leave.

As the Franks storm the palace, Father Celwin reveals himself to be Merlin in disguise.


Merlin finds what he was looking for, saying that it contains the Knowledge of Britain. He then leads Derfel and Galahad out of the city and into a boat which he had already arranged for his escape. Arriving back in Dumnonia, Merlin promptly disappears again. Meanwhile, Derfel learns that Nimue has been declared dangerously mad and has been banished to the Isle of the Dead , where the insane are exiled.

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Derfel assumes that this is why Merlin has disappeared. Believing Derfel and his men to be dead, Lancelot has already told Arthur and the men of Dumnonia that, despite his best efforts, Ynys Trebes fell and that it was Derfel's fault.