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The Right Time

They tell Bomani Jones offers his preview of the NBA Finals, including if the Raptors have a chance against the Warriors , whether or not Drake is the new Spike Lee of the courtside game as well as why KD should be worried that the Warriors are winning without him Bo also takes you through his Twitter fight with the city of Toronto and dishes on the most recent Lakers story characterizing Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka in a poor light Plus, the city of Baltimore being held ransom by hackers in a new edition of IYHH and voicemails from your "worst airplane experience" Bomani welcomes Houston native and rapper Bun B to the show to chat about Houston sports , including the Rockets' tough loss to the Warriors.

They discuss their friendship and how he's responded to a recent home invasion Plus, they delve into his career musically, including UGK and beyond Does he have anything left that he'd like to do in the game after playing in some of the biggest arenas with the biggest acts in the world? Also what it's like to be a grandfather now Bomani piles on Joel Embiid's tears following a tough Game 7 loss to the Raptors in the Eastern Conference Semis and calls out the Lakers for wasting LeBron's remaining years on behalf of the media and the rest of the league Plus, his thoughts on the Wu-Tang documentary from Showtime as well as a fresh dose of IYHH and your own personal "catfish" voicemails in light of Bo's experience from last week Mina and Bo take questions from her mailbag and her dog Lenny asks Bo whether or not he gets paid to tweet Bomani dishes on the Warriors struggling with the physicality of the Rockets.

Are their hearts just not in it anymore ? Plus, is this the last of Kyrie in Boston and why the media should be a little ashamed of their NCAA trial coverage The potential removal of "likes" from Instagram and more in IYHH as well as voicemails of when you "tried to show out and it didn't work out" like Steph's famous rim check Plus, excitement for the Knicks this upcoming offseason and how that plays into Kevin Durant's performance for the Warriors in the playoffs as well as the ramifications of the Panthers drafting Will Grier and much more.

Bomani offers why he doesn't appreciate what the Rockets are about and how it is distracting from Kevin Durant's greatness , why he is impressed with Joel Embiid's ability to endure "itchy booty" against the Raptors as well as why Josh Rosen got the better end of the deal ending up in Miami Bomani welcomes rapper and L.

6 tips to peak at right time!

Plus, how playing JUCO football factored into when he got started rapping as well as his friendship with the late Mac Miller Bomani shares his thoughts on the criticisms of Russell Westbrook and his future with the Thunder , the problematic annual character "tear down" of a prospect ahead of the NFL draft as exemplified by Ed Oliver and the cyborg who may never lose at Jeopardy Plus, ESPN front office insider Bobby Marks joins Bo for the finale of our educational series "Baseline: The Supermax", to weigh in on the difficulties of building a team around the contract, including managing relationships, adding players on minimum contracts and paying the luxury tax Plus, pitting two friends against one another in a hilarious edition of "UnblockmeBo" Plus, he discusses saltiness with players he defended in his career , issues with the Lakers , how the competitiveness of the Clippers affects their summer plans and more.

Bomani shares his thoughts on Tiger Woods "transcending greatness" after his win at the Masters over the weekend , Russell Wilson's "code-switching" in his new contract announcement on social media with Ciara and Nick Bosa trying to cover up his Twitter history in view of getting drafted by the 49ers Zach thinks Rockets-Jazz is going to be the most interesting first-round series. Russillo and Bomani talk about Warriors playoff fatigue, who can beat them in the west and more. Bomani welcomes former comedy colleagues Roy Wood Jr.

Plus, the most surprising celebrity fans of his , what he grew up listening to and what's to come in the future for him Bomani discusses Zion's exit from the NCAA Tournament , John Calipari finessing Kentucky for a lifetime contract and what playoff scenarios would be ideal for "messiness" Plus, ESPN NBA analyst Brian Windhorst joins Bo for the first edition of our new series "Baseline: The Supermax", including what the supposed 'super team-preventing' collective bargaining agreement provision is, who is eligible for it and why the NBA's course has been altered by its unintended consequences Plus, his being a part of the "greatest draft" in league history and how his experience as a player shaped him Bomani shares everything you need to know about Michael Avenatti trying to "shake down" Nike , dishes on the hypocrisy around Tom Izzo's chastising of a player mid-game as well as Lonzo Ball's controversy with BBB Sports to survey the NBA landscape, including how close we are to the next "Malice in the Palace" , how a poor LeBron-Lakers' season has affected the rest of the teams in the Western Conference as well as who is going to win the East Plus, the guys talk life in NYC, such as the craziest thing they've ever seen on a subway train Bomani shares why he thinks the NCAA Tournament has become a "worse product" over the years , dishes on Doc Rivers potentially coaching the Lakers next season and adds a new word to your dictionary Gettleman-ed in light of the Giants fans' misery Plus, a fresh dose of IYHH and an unblockmebo where history is made They discuss how he's humanized the billionaire class, the range of casting in the show , how much he's enjoyed working on it and whether or not either of them would change if they became "billionaires" Bomani shares his thoughts on Russell Westbrook's altercation with a fan in Utah , Antonio Brown forcing his way to the Raiders and how Duke has been able to change their "reputation" over the years Bomani is joined by 2 Chainz to discuss the concept behind his recently released album "Rap or Go to the League".

Bomani Jones assesses the downward spiral of the Lakers and Celtics as well as shares his thoughts on the conversation around HBO's Michael Jackson documentary "Leaving Neverland" Is the public really aware of how serious the allegations made against Kraft are? Now that the dust has settled, they offer conclusions on Kaep's settlement and the credit Nike has incorrectly been given as it relates to him.

Bomani dishes on the highly concerning charges against Robert Kraft , why the people telling Zion Williamson he should sit out the rest of the season are wrong and why the Ole Miss Anthem demonstration should be treated as a bigger story for different reasons Plus, a fresh dose of IYHH and your voicemails from a time the crowd turned on the performer at an event you attended Bomani is joined by ESPN NBA analyst Bruce Bowen to reflect on things post-deadline from the player's perspective, including dealing with trade rumors on a personal level and what it is like to see your "role" on a team change for the worse Plus, you know we had to hear his thoughts on Kawhi as well as the Lakers' chances at making the playoffs !

Bomani dishes on the Lakers' and President of Basketball Ops Magic Johnson's warpath to acquire a star, which includes Anthony Davis and potentially Ben Simmons as well why the Celtics who should be elated are not taking advantage of the situation Plus, people seem to be enjoying the new bootleg football League "AAF" , we get a fresh edition of IYHH and your what caused you to "quit" your home team voicemails They discuss how his South Asian heritage has shaped his identity growing up the United States , the ethical issues plaguing companies like Google and Facebook as well as the animosity on social media platforms like Twitter Plus, he shares the wild story of his online friendship with Prince Plus, the Anthony Davis-Lakers poker game is heating up , we get a fresh edition of IYHH and your worst experience at a sporting event voicemails Bomani welcomes Michael Smith back to the show to discuss their high-school athletic careers , their former fandom for the Saints and Falcons as well as the effect that the winter "squall" is having on Bomani's enjoyment of living in NYC They were supposed to talk Super Bowl, but ended up talking about Kung-Fu and Canada Goose jackets, that should tell you everything you need to know.

Bomani shares his thoughts on Anthony Davis' request to be traded from the Pelicans , including why LeBron can't be blamed for exerting the influence that we praise him for as well as what it says about the league that it overshadowed Super Bowl media night Bomani welcomes comedian Roy Wood Jr. Bomani Jones gloats over the Saints for not making it to the Super Bowl, including addressing the backlash he's received for a successful narrative in the lead up to the game Martin Luther King Jr.

Bomani is joined by Mina Kimes to discuss the Conference Championships coming this weekend in the NFL Playoffs, including the comical "underdog" story of the Patriots Bo makes his final plea for the Rams to spare us a Super Bowl in Atlanta with the Saints representing the NFC and they close with a nuanced conversation about problematic names that you just don't hear anymore Bomani shares his thoughts on the cultural explosion that was Clemson's swift visit to The White House post-National Championship victory , Kyler Murray's decision between football and baseball as well as why Marcus Peters is the only person who can save Atlanta from Saints fans Bomani and Domonique Foxworth of The Undefeated dish on "the tipping point" for restaurants, brands and neighborhoods with people of color and how it relates to dress code rules for keeping people out of clubs Plus, the latest trend of hiring young white NFL head coaches and what remains problematic about it as well as whether or not Clemson's Trevor Lawrence could make the jump to the NFL at age 19 Plus, thoughts on "Surviving R.

Bomani is joined by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver to discuss his excitement with this season , including parity in the league structure and the effect of CBA changes , the possibility of a minimum age change in the near future as well as his "dap" handshake skills with players when he greets them at the draft or at ring ceremonies Plus, to put a bow on , LeBron's pull on Anthony Davis looms next year, how will this end ?

Bomani Jones cracks up about Ian O'Connor's revealing story on Knicks owner James Dolan as well as the on-then-off-then-on again Trevor Ariza trade from the weekend Plus, his thoughts on the new normal of college football players skipping bowl games , a new IYHH and Jody Avirgan of 30 for 30 podcasts discusses their new season of shows Plus, Domonique recalls covering Randy Moss Bomani shares his thoughts on why we need to appreciate the "fun-ness" that is Patrick Mahomes , the friendship that changed the face of the NBA in LeBron-Wade as well as the controversy engulfing the Chicago Bulls Bomani offers his take on Kareem Hunt being released from the Chiefs after video evidence of domestic violence is released, Kobe opening a sports academy , questions if anyone still cares about the Heisman and more.

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He delves into the plan for the league , including the current issues he sees with the development of players from college to the NBA Plus, he dishes on his own background and the last stops of his career in San Antonio and Golden State Bomani weighs in on the offensive explosion that was last night's MNF victory for the Rams over the Chiefs , the negative backlash to Condoleezza Rice being linked with the Browns' head coaching job and just how deep the dysfunction for the Wizards runs Plus, IYHH and your best thanksgiving craziness stories Bomani welcomes former Spurs F Bruce Bowen to the show to weigh in on the beef between Draymond Green and Kevin Durant as well as what the Warriors need to do to get right and continue on their dominant path Plus, if the Sixers will experience growing pains in trying to integrate Jimmy Butler and if "game recognizes game" when it comes to flopping Bomani discusses the implications of Jimmy Butler's arrival in Philadelphia as well as Carmelo Anthony's impending departure in Houston Plus, saying goodbye to the "Peter Man" , more of your Pros vs.

Joes stories and looking back on "Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers " and "Midnight Marauders" at their year anniversaries Bomani is joined by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo!

The Lord’s Timing

Sports to discuss college hoops and amateurism now that the season has tipped off. They discuss the NCAA trial and why fans don't seem to care about it anymore , if the reaction to it by the media would have been different years ago and whether or not players like Zion Williamson benefit from spending a year in school to boost their brand before heading to the NBA Bomani Jones dishes on the blame game for the Lakers and if Luke Walton is long for the job , how Bill Belichick not wearing "salute to service" gear became a story as well as why TD celebrations becoming choreographed raises serious questions They discuss a variety of NBA topics, such as the Lakers and their defensive apathy , the Rockets and their struggle to get Carmelo Anthony integrated , the Sixers and the year-to-year improvement of their young stars and more.

Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the craziest developments from the weekend, including the Browns cleaning house , Jameis Winston getting benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick again as well as Ty Lue getting fired by the Cavaliers Plus, IYHH and listener stories of when a celebrity tried to "swoop your girl" Bomani is joined by NBA writer at Yahoo!

Sports Vincent Goodwill to bounce around the Association. They discuss how well the pieces fit together with LeBron on the Lakers , dissect the top of the Eastern Conference and break down where the Warriors stand in the historical context of all-time great teams with a whole lot else along the way. Bomani Jones shares his thoughts on the pre-game altercation between Eric Reid and Malcolm Jenkins and the Lakers-Rockets fight Plus, what the reactions to the fight say about where the league is at today Bomani is joined by Mina Kimes to talk all things NFL, including the Bills' decision to start Derek Anderson with Josh Allen out via injury , if defenses getting continuously torched by offenses across the league is the new normal and whether or not the Chargers will ever make waves out in Los Angeles Bomani is joined by friend of the show Michael Felder of Stadium to dish on the Jimmy Butler situation and infighting amongst teammates across sports , which team could get left out of the College Football Playoff as well as if the dream of Texas being "back" has actually come true Bomani is joined by friend of the show Tom Haberstroh of Bleacher Report to discuss his new piece on NBA player phone addiction and why front offices are turning to artificial intelligence firms to try and slow it down Plus, they bounce around league headlines from the preseason Bomani welcomes "The Caddie" Michael Collins to break down the Twitter beef between the Wiggins brothers and Stephen Jackson , his Eagles fandom amidst Carson Wentz's return as well as Tiger's role in the Tour Championship coming up this weekend Bomani lets loose on Vontae Davis retiring mid-game as well as the Browns giving up on Josh Gordon and sending him to New England Plus, kicking the teams while they're down , a fresh edition of IYHH and your stories of when you "quit" your job mid-shift just like our man Vontae Bomani is joined by friend of the show Michael Smith to catch up and talk some football.

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  6. They get into Sam Darnold and Saquon Barkley's connected futures while digressing on the benching of the "Peter Man" , cover the unrest in the locker room in Detroit as well as Antonio Brown's anger at an article in The Undefeated Bomani shares his thoughts on Serena's controversial loss to Osaka in the U. Bomani is joined by regular The Right Time contributor Domonique Foxworth to dish on the public criticisms of Le'Veon Bell's holdout by his Pittsburgh teammates , why Bo thinks Josh Allen would be better off as a QB if he was black and other related topics that will have you in stitches , as well as Nike's newly released advertisement with Colin Kaepernick Bomani shares his thoughts on Nike utilizing Colin Kaepernick as the spokesperson for their "Just Do It" year anniversary campaign and the Raiders' questionable decision to trade star pass-rusher Khalil Mack to the Bears Bomani weighs in on the effect Odell Beckham Jr.

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    Plus, time to be afraid of the future in a new IYHH and your "worst date ever" voicemails Bomani is joined by Spencer Hall of SB Nation to preview the CFB season, including trying to find a weakness with Alabama , wondering how Oklahoma will fare sans Baker Mayfield , what to make of an interesting collection of head coaches out in the Pac and much more. Plus, odd training camp stories in the NFL such as the Miami Police Union urging members to boycott the Dolphins and Jalen Ramsey getting suspended for beefing with the local media Bomani Jones weighs in on Urban Meyer's accountability and what may keep Ohio State from making the right call , the Giants' disrespect when it comes to Odell Beckham Jr.

    Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" and the second edition of mean tweets on the podcast Bomani Jones discusses why the "America's Team" moniker for the Dallas Cowboys is sounding more fitting every day and why despite being in awe of LeBron's grace it is concerning that he has to be the one to do it Bomani Jones welcomes former MLB manager and All-Star catcher Dusty Baker to chat about being there for his son who is making his way in the game , how he got into coaching , his close relationship with Hank Aaron and how he's seen the role of the manager evolve Plus, he shares his wide-ranging affinity for music Bomani Jones weighs in on the infatuation that we have with Tiger Woods after his close Open Championship finish , how the applause heard around the world for Josh Hader of the Brewers relates to the NFL and their battle over the National Anthem as well as if Kawhi Leonard will stay in Toronto long-term Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" and some summertime fanfiction Bomani Jones dishes on controversies coming out of the World Cup Final, including the racial make-up of the France squad and pitch invaders Musician Freddie Gibbs joins Bomani to discuss his recently released self-titled mixtape "Freddie" Plus, they discuss navigating the lifestyle with a daughter , what it's like having NFL HOF'er Eric Dickerson as his father-in-law , overcoming legal troubles , finding success in the modern music business and how LeBron's arrival to L.

    Bomani Jones returns from vacation to share his thoughts on LeBron's move out west as well as reports of his sour relationship with Kyrie in Cleveland Plus, Bo's not here for re-seeding the NBA postseason , he dishes on PlaneBae and Instagram imposters and we hear your best cookout stories Plus, does he enjoy being in the limelight ? They discuss being a college athlete , getting started in music , how his parents feel about him being in the business , deciding to start a non-profit after college , the unique nature of his multimedia production and much more.

    Bomani Jones previews free agency in the NBA and shares what it would take for him to be wooed to a team , as well as what his awards would be for the season They talk Seattle sports , how he got his start , how the game has changed , what he's up to these days , being around people with way more money than you and more.

    Bomani Jones gives an update on Kawhi Leonard's status You there Kawhi ? Jay-Z is taking over Puma basketball, and Bo delves into what that says about the sneaker game right now Bomani Jones welcomes friend and co-creator of the TV show "Billions" on Showtime Brian Koppelman for a wide-ranging conversation about the show. They discuss writing for TV vs. Bomani Jones dishes on the Warriors' attempts to keep things together despite the world trying to tear them apart , LeBron James' free agent decision and how James stacks up against Kobe in the recent legacy debate High Noon is here!

    Bomani Jones weighs in on the Rockets flaming out and James Harden escaping blame , LeBron James sticking up for his sorry not sorry teammates as well as what intrigue we can find in Season IV of the Cavs-Warriors drama The NFL appears to have changed the rules regarding the National Anthem, so you know Bomani Jones would have some thoughts on its effect. He leads off the show with that and then welcomes former NBA swingman Stephen Jackson to talk conference finals, bad coaching as well as the Bucks' response on Sterling Brown Plus, Jody Avirgan of 30 for 30 podcasts tells us about their recently launched season 3 Bomani Jones welcomes comedian Wyatt Cenac to discuss his new HBO show "Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas", including covering heavy topics , whether or not he likes being famous and the connection that he and Bo have to Texas Plus, Bleacher Report's Tom Haberstroh joins to discuss the impact of gambling on the future of the NBA and cover the conference finals Plus, Bo previews the conference championships in the NBA Bomani Jones dishes on the elimination of the Raptors at the hands of LeBron , the 76ers' survival and why the NFL thinks you don't care about several problematic stories Plus, "If You Haven't Heard" and only the very best stories of when you "tried" to take on your old man Bomani Jones is joined by Trail Blazers G CJ McCollum to dish on a wide variety of topics, such as the relationship between NBA players and the media , dealing with trade rumors , his past as a "short guy" , coming out of Lehigh , this postseason and much more.

    Plus, Bo updates the peculiar situation with Kawhi Leonard Bomani Jones weighs in on Sixers-Celtics and wonders who will throw the first punch between the two teams as the place in the game for fighting hides in the shadows Just how much of what's wrong with the Thunder is what is wrong with Russell Westbrook ? A groundbreaking approach to training effectiveness evaluation. Blog Exercise and Fitness Wearable Devices. You may have heard that your fitness level is determined by your genetics.

    Hoodoo Gurus - The Right Time

    This is true. Experts say that about half of the variation in physical fitness between individuals is heritable, meaning it comes to you through your parents. Fitness is more than just a feeling. It is a real and measurable part of you. Thanks in large part to the efforts of Firstbeat researchers and developers, easy access…. The variation is the key to success. Blog Science. How to Peak at the Right Time? Like Tweet Share. Here are few tips that you can follow and maximize your performance: 1. Training Status A groundbreaking approach to training effectiveness evaluation.

    If you liked this article, you should subscribe to our mailing list. Riikka is an Exercise Physiologist M. Now, at Firstbeat she combines those two pathways in a great way.

    General wellness and healthy living have always inspired Riikka and now she is able to spread the word via her Firstbeat blogs.