The Next Century

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Campaign for the Next Century

Start your review of The Next Century. There is only one word for this book, and that word is prescient. Shelves: politics , society. I read this book from a unique perspective- one in which I could look back reflectively upon Mr. It made for an interesting approach to this book, and may have even enhanced the pleasure I obtained from reading it. In my short time reading Mr. Halberstam, I've decided that he is a gentle man who writes as if he were telling stories to his grandchildren. He never comes off accusative, bitter, or condescending, but rather relays the information and knowledge he has gained in a helpful, affable manner.

This makes for an enjoyable read, one in which the reader doesn't feel the obligation to take on any form, "act", or pretense. David allows the reader to imbibe the information unobstructed from any celebrity. Overall, this was a very enjoyable read for me- partly due to the fact that I'm only 28 years old and have little experience with the scenarios laid out in the book.

This book is in no way a replacement for an education in the history of the last years, but it does boil down a few situations to their pertinence to current events and times. The other reason I enjoyed this book so much was due to the correctness of Mr. Halberstam's insight. He seemed to predict much of the way the 90's and 00's have unfolded- not necessarily with exact measure but with enough precision that it lent credence to the book and his experiences. I can't help but think if more people had read this or been taught these lessons that we as a society would be better off.

Halberstam conveys displeasure with the way American education is being handled in the late 20th century, which seems fitting in this day and age where education is a hot topic in political debates and public discussion. He also describes the trade imbalance between Japan and the U. In fact, the trade imbalance for the U.


S can be seen with almost all of its trade partners- more incoming than is outgoing. We are becoming more and more beholden to other nations as far as debt China is concerned, as well as importing more goods than we export. He's writing this book in a pre-globalized or early globalized world, but Mr. Halberstam is unknowingly writing of a globalized world.

The scenarios laid out here describe the influence a globalized world has on the U.

The Next Century

In many ways, Mr. Halberstam displays how truly prescient he was in the 80's. Many of his suppositions and guesses have come to fruition, which speaks to the validity of this book as a whole. It's unfortunate that David Halberstam will not be afforded the luxury of seeing his prognostications and insight into "The Next Century" come true.

I sense that he could have become the change we wish to see in this world- at least from a journalistic point of view. I highly recommend this book to anyone curious about our current society's relationship to our most recent past. Halberstam writes of many things currently being discussed in books such as "The World is Flat" and "Democracy Matters", which to me is a wonderful realization that this book was well before it's time!

Feb 27, John Mitchell rated it really liked it. Fascinating essays from in which he ruminates on Russia, Japan and Korea and the viability of our own aging empire.


His worries about the debt run up by the Reagan Administration seem downright quaint in light of our current fiasco s. He calls Reagan's tax cuts perhaps the most irresponsible move ever by a President. If only he could see us now! In a particularly illuminating and chilling passage Halberstam answers criticism of his journalistic brethren from the Vietnam era. We did not realize that America had become an empire, run by men suited to running empires, men who did not necessarily value the truth.

They were far too grand for that; they valued power over truth In power there was truth.

Oh dear God, what have we wrought? We need him more than ever! This book, though written in was so accurate in predicting our decline into oligarchy, that it's almost scary. Even the author never conceived that we would descend to the level of having a Russian puppet elected president and an entire political party be complicit in keeping him in power. Awesome Echoes of US uncertainty in this book from the late s.

He is my favorite author with his classic vignettes and pithy sentences. Dec 31, Richard rated it really liked it. I'm not at all sure why its called The Next Century as it is a summary and analysis of the last century and never really prophesies very far into the future. What little it does prophesy though, it prophesies well.

That America seemed to be sleep-walking with its current state from the perspective and would need a financial shock to begin to wake up is successful prescience that alone shows the credibility his analysis deserved, and deserves now if missed then. That the newly awakened Amer I'm not at all sure why its called The Next Century as it is a summary and analysis of the last century and never really prophesies very far into the future.

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That the newly awakened America Tea Party would blame the moment it woke up and not look to see how long it slept may surprise the author, but if the T. This party apparently was apparently in a blackout during the 80's. This is excellent as recent historical analysis, chronicling the fall of the Soviet Union and the changing world economy; the weakness in modern adaptation and competition the United States brought into the future as well as the rise of the Far East economies and the precarious balance the dollar still survives on.

Short read and still worthwhile years later and probably much longer than that.


Thank heavens I bought this on a table at Wal-Mart for a dollar, and thank heavens it's so short. By continuing you agree to the use of cookies.

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