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Written with journalistic insight and objectivity, the book offers invaluable lessons in the history of Indian family businesses, far beyond that contained within the four walls of a classroom. The Business Standard Quiz Book is a collection of some of the most interesting and challenging questions from the world of business. This book consists of six different categories carrying 50 questions each.

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This is probably the 'Mother of All Scams'. The 2G scam surpasses all other past fiddles, not just in terms of the money involved but also in the sheer scale of its audacity. It has exposed how deep crony capitalism runs in India and how laws and processes can be subverted with impunity.

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The scam dragnet has spared no one -- from politicians to businessmen, from lobbyists to even journalists. Spectrum Grab goes into the roots of the 2G affair, traces its genesis and tracks the people who have given the telecom sector its colour and character. It reveals how the unscrupulous nexus between government, business and the bureaucracy destroyed the promise of the telecom sector. Spectrum Grab addresses the unanswered questions and conspiracy theories to piece together the story behind one of the biggest scandals of our times.

Table for Two is a collection of conversations with India's achievers, captured at their candid best over a meal or a cup of coffee. In the company of Business Standard's team of reporters and editors, they open up about what brings them joy, what fuels their despair and the circumstances that have shaped their lives.

The book -- a peek into their life and times -- is an exciting read for all who want to know more about the people who shape the country's political, academic, cultural, business and financial landscape. Tax Shastra is a comparative account of the tax administrations of three countries: India, UK and Brazil. The author, Parthasarathi Shome, has worked extensively in these countries and uses his invaluable experience to advocate for India a system that adopts the strengths and discards the lacunae of the three countries.

He advocates a model structure that maximises administrative efficiency and minimises the tax gap. Shome believes that an efficient tax administration rests on three pillars: Management and Structure of Tax Administration, Information and Communication Technology and Customer Focus. BS India Launched. Thought-provoking and informed, Business Standard India brings together some of the best known names from the world of finance and economics and social and political economy in its fifth annual collection of essays. Engagingly written, the fifteen original essays in this volume look beyond the established and the conventional as they explore new ideas, break some myths and cast a discerning eye on issues that have dominated the year for India.

This is their story, as well as of larger forces that have transformed India and the globe, leaving the struggle for justice and equity more complex than ever. Rising addresses all those who have an India of their dreams and a determination to work for it. The fourth in the widely-appreciated series, Business Standard India engages with the vital issues confronting India today, by presenting expert viewpoints and analyses. With the benefit of their unique vantage points, they size up the contemporary scenario while scanning the horizon.

Bijoy clearly belongs to that special class and is, in fact, one of the most gifted writers I know. I am delighted that he has compiled a selection of his writings into a book.

Tax Shastra

And having known Bijoy for over a decade, I can assure you that he does! This book was long overdue! Foremost among the perspectives that inform foreign policy is national interest. Recognising this, as also that national interest as the overriding paradigm in the conduct of India's foreign policy has been ill defined till now, this forward-looking analysis sets the stage for the years to come.

  1. Gegenwärtige Zukünfte: Interpretative Beiträge zur sozialwissenschaftlichen Diagnose und Prognose (German Edition).
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  4. This multi-disciplinary study clearly identifies India's national interests in its external interface and cogently weaves these into its external policy. Drawing upon specially commissioned theme papers, In the National Interest presents a balanced and informed narrative on India's foreign policy for the future and, as such, will appeal to a wide range of readers from the arenas of policy making, academia and business, as well as the interested general reader. India needs to make significant improvements in its public health scenario.

    Addressing this challenge, India Health Report provides a direction for India's health sector. It examines the status of health in India by bringing together data and information from government documents, health economics and policy literature, and a host of other sources. It critically examines the performance of various components of the sector.

    This data-rich analysis will not only be invaluable for policy makers, but also for academia, the corporate sector and all stakeholders in the healthcare sector. Caste in a Different Mould: Understanding the Discrimination. The poverty of data in India has meant that innumerable government policies have been structured with inadequate data. Caste in a Different Mould corrects this anomaly as far as caste-based reservation is concerned.

    This is the first attempt to use a cross-country sample to quantify the impact of education, urbanisation and occupation on the income levels of different caste groups. domain datasheet -

    Powered by data from the country's premier research organisation, the National Council of Applied Economic Research, this volume goes into uncharted territory, opening up new avenues for debate, all with the aim of providing clarity on the vexed issue of caste-based inequality in India. A must read for anyone interested in understanding contemporary India.

    Business Standard India engages with the vital issues confronting India today, by presenting expert viewpoints and analyses. With the benefit of their unique vantage points, they size up the contemporary scene while scanning the horizon. The Sudoku of India's Growth finds the key to India's journey to high growth, and identifies areas which have been, and will remain, crucial in the future: good governance; labour and education reform; entrepreneur-led growth; and administrative and institutional changes. Arvind Virmani analyses independent India's chequered growth history. Starting from the environment that preceded the market reforms phase, he scrutinises policies and strategies and the reasons why some worked while others failed.

    Retrospective taxation not desirable: ICRIER

    This analysis of past experience allows Virmani to recommend a growth path that is steady and secure, and beneficial to all. As someone who has been part of the government in various capacities, Arvind Virmani writes with the advantage of knowing the system.

    It is only natural that his is a voice of authority. This volume illustrates that perfectly. Shome writes a monthly column for Business Standard.

    Shome had held the same post from October to January Even then, he was adviser to Chidambaram. In that stint, he played a crucial role in facilitating state-level value-added tax and initial discussions on goods and services tax. Known for tax reforms, Shome was the brain behind then fringe benefit tax and banking cash transaction tax.

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    Shome was professor of economics at American University, Washington, from to He also worked with the International Monetary Fund from to in various capacities. He has provided technical assistance to about 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America and been credited with tax reforms in Brazil.

    Shome is a PhD.