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Unveiling Choice. Mak Yong: World Heritage Theatre. Lessons From My School.

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The Ruling Elite of Singapore. Description Reviews 0 Networks of Power and Influence Author: Michael Barr Publisher: New Asian Library Published: Paperback pages Michael Barr explores the complex and covert networks of power at work in one of the world's most prosperous countries — the city-state of Singapore.

Numerous objects of Italic and Greek origin, most frequently pottery, were placed as offerings into the grave vaults of the richest Histri. These objects represent luxurious sets used for wine drinking during special festive occasions or symposia.

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The rank of the ruling military aristocracy was marked by weapon parts machairas, spears, helmets and symbols of social and religious power such as scepters and fans. All of these objects can be readily recognized on figurally decorated situlae with depictions of festivities, competitions, hunting, ploughing, solemn processions, sacrificial rituals, or symplegmata.

Daunian kraters were used for such occasions, in which wine could be mixed with water and various spices.

Jugs and askoi were also used to serve wine, as well as bronze situlae, cists, cups and kettles.