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I started calorie counting a little over a year ago. At first it worked great. I lost 20 pounds in a little under a year. Then I started working out and training for a marathon. All of a sudden I was gaining weight like crazy and getting sick all the time. Lots of fruits and vegetables, butter, olive oilt, almond milk, fish, chicken. I am going to stop counting and eat until I am full. Could be wrong but I am going to give it a try.

I did do it a couple times and lost weight. The first time I gave up but was able to lose 70 pounds. I gained back 60 then decided to get back at it and lost but gained back I am curious to see what your take is on macros vs calories! I track my protein macros daily because I have low muscle tone after a twin pregnancy that had me on strict bed rest for 10 weeks! I play with my carbs and fats based on how I feel each day, but I aim for 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day! Is this kind of tracking the same as counting calories?! Hi Rae, Like counting calories, tracking macronutrients has its place.

However, it also has some pitfalls. Check out my post, The Downside of Tracking Macronutrients, for 5 reasons it can backfire and an in-depth, evidence-based explanation. I have counted calories for 5 months now and have lost about 35 pounds. Has anyone else been this nervous? Have you still lost weight even after giving up counting calories?

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Thank you for everything you said in your article. I have been a personal fitness trainer for 17 years, and have taught fitness classes for longer than that, and have always been concerned that not only my clients, but many of the women around me seem to be obsessed with the idea of starving themselves and counting calories. I have heard women talk incessantly about dieting over the years. As a mother of three teenage girls, it concerns me that our society puts so much emphasis on this, when we should really focus on reducing the amount of stress obsessive dieting creates and let women eat healthy, balanced diets.

Thank you for stepping out as a professional and saying what women need to hear. Maybe, by reducing some of the stress that goes with the pressures of maintaining healthy weight, the amount of cortisol that women store in their bodies will be reduced, thereby cutting the risk of weight gain, as well. I just found this article. I got down to and then started to count calories.

What happened next was I lost a crazy amount of weight really fast. I was netting like calories a day and feeling proud and like it was worth it. I would stay away from fat, or bananas or anything even remotely high calorie. I would read the boards and people would say its just CICO and keep with the calorie amount and it will work. For me it leads to being very disordered, I am back to listening to my body and eating for health, to fuel my workouts and more active life style. This article was what I needed to remember that its okay not to count calories!

This article was exactly what I needed.

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I recently downloaded an app to track my calories and freaked out when I saw that my incredibly healthy, well proportioned meals were high in calories. I was already skeptical to download the app, when I was younger I developed anorexia that was driven by counting calories, but the calories in my healthy foods made me feel like I was doing something wrong! I have been heavily invested in the calories in my food since I was 15 I am now When I was about 17 I put on a few stone and felt unhappy about my body.

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I started to count calories obsessively in order to lose the weight I had gained and was so happy when I lost the weight and more. I was obsessed and in love with calorie counting- it made me happy again and I gained more friends. I felt like people liked me because I had lost weight, when infact it was only because I liked myself again, looking back. Since then, for the past about 4 years, I have counted calories and worried about my weight despite being slim and healthy and very happy with my life. However, over the past year, I have been suffering with anxiety and a spell of depression.

I thought I was getting over both of these things recently, but for the past few months I have been more obsessed than ever about my weight due to having a lot of time to worry I am currently on a sabbatical from uni. Therefore, food has been a nightmare.

I am so glad I have found you and like-minded people. I think my life will be a lot easier now, with rough mental estimates of calories being the only thing I will go by, for now. I believe in all that you wrote! I have been on a lifestyle journey for the past 3 years after gaining a lot of weight, feeling terrible everyday and being diagnosed with PCOS. I changed everything! Happy to report, I have lost around 80lbs and kept it off. I exercise everyday and focused on simply eating foods which were as natural as possible almost all the time, nothing prepackaged or refined.


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Finally, the day came were I wanted to lose the last 10 but it would never come off. I decided to count my calories and see if that helped. It did not. I became obsessive, thought about food constantly and ended up eating more crap than I had since changing my ways… And…. Those 10 lbs went no where. I will tell you, I felt like I was developing an eating disorder. I feel free again… So liberated! I would never recommend counting calories to anyone. If nature made it, eat it. I am recovering from Anorexia so I am an expert when it comes to counting calories, protein, fat, and carbs to the gram.

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I feel like I am so in control when I count it all but I eat the exact same foods every day of my life because they are my safe foods. I get all of my fruits, vegetables, and dairy every day. I still will be tracking the servings of fruits and vegetables and dairy and what foods are protein and fat foods to make sure I get enough but I am trying to eat food and enjoy it instead of eating numbers.

I just went back to school after taking last semester off because I was too sick and weak both physically and mentally to continue. Now I am determined to succeed and prove everyone wrong. I was wondering if you had any suggestions to make it easier to handle mentally not tracking my calories or macros. For the first time I do it, I will be eating the same foods but not tracking the nutritional content.

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I cant find the ways to deal with my eating disorder. I wanna give it up all the times, but it didnt work. I really hope i gonna be a ordinary person like i was in two years ago. Why the 2 extremes? Why does it always have to be either or?? I did a little research myself. It kills me to see people counting calories like I used to.