Ode To The Revenue Code, A Novellette

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Thankfully, with Aeolus House staying on as a Quattro Books imprint, we will have the opportunity to keep working and publishing with Allan, just in a different way. So for now we just want to say to Allan, once again, a heartfelt Thank You. Congratulations Mark and good luck!

The winners of each category will be announced at the awards ceremony, which will take place at Ottawa City Hall on Wednesday, October 19 at 7 p. It is a daring and challenging first book by a young author who is sure to find a place in Canadian literature.

Marc Labriola writes fiction and poetry. He teaches English and lives in Toronto with his wife and two daughters. When I was swimming to work the other day that rain was incredible! Quattro launched some fantastic Fall Books including the theatrical and fantastic Emu Dialogues, some moving and poignant new poetry and a short story collection and novella which sweep us away to far-away places and open us up to the important questions we are often afraid to ask ourselves.

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It is important to us as a small press, to thank everyone who attended one of, or both events; your continued support is so important and appreciated. I also want to thank everyone who helped in producing these books. In the midst of this Fall frenzy, we were reading all the wonderful, strange and interesting manuscripts submitted to us during the past year for both unsolicited publications and the Ken Klonsky Novella Prize submissions.

Some standout mentions include: A cat detective, a Catcher in the Rye themed punk story, Rodney Dangerfield, cigarettes, eco terrorists, and an undercurrent regarding the tragedies and treatments of those suffering from varieties of mental illnesses. At the end of the reading period, we concluded that one manuscript stood out above the rest….

Thanks for all the impressive submissions. We look forward to reading what comes in to us in We hope you eat a lot of candy but not too much , and maybe don a clever or fun costume or maybe enjoy a scary novel or short story this Halloween. He wants to read from all of them and so he switches erratically between his collections. In fact he makes those poems sing with laughter despite them being tragic and full of heartbreak. But by the time I get to him the poem and the first line has evaded me in the illusive way that only a train of thought can behave, so I just end up shaking his hand and congratulating him on a great evening.

Word on the Street is always a lot of fun for us. A sincere thanks to everyone who stopped by and visited us. It is amazing to continue to see such strong support for books.


Too Much on the Inside has garnered rave reviews. Released in May , it is the second book from novelist Danila Botha. Similar to her experience, the four characters in this literary fiction, all in their twenties, are not native to Toronto. All are making new lives and relationships in Toronto on Queen Street West. The gritty and creatively vibrant setting of Queen Street is a big part of the story too. Above all, Too Much on the Inside is about relationships and love.

Novel vs Novella

The powerful lyrics resonated with Danila. The inspiration for the book began with a chance encounter on a Halifax bus that would eventually help shape her four characters. Published by Quattro Books quattrobooks. It was cheap and I was happy it made it all the way here. I have to eat and drink first — build up my courage for the big reunion. In his debut novella, Robert Eisenberg tells the story of a Roma boy, Tomas, who is adopted by Canadian parents and brought to live in Toronto.

He, like most children in unfamiliar surroundings, is shy and introverted. By chance, Tomas is reunited with his violin, an instrument taught to him by his biological father. In the process he gains a sense of self that connects him to his new family and friends, and slowly he begins to consider Toronto home. Tomas and the Gypsy Violin deals with a myriad of relevant themes and it would be nearly impossible to discuss them all.

At its core, however, Tomas and the Gypsy Violin is really about acceptance and the willingness to be open to change regardless of how frightening it may be. Whether you are an adult, adolescent or tween, Tomas and the Gypsy Violin is a thought-provoking, quick read, capable of inspiring and simultaneously educating its readers. Danila Botha and Richard Rosenbaum rocked Montreal this week with some stellar readings, which were met by a fantastic and excited crowd! See more below. June has gone and July is coming as we hold our collective breaths and wait for the warm weather and sun we are used to by this time of year.

Danila and Showey Yazdanian, author of Loopholes , have been having some summer fun, and read from their new books recently in Guelph. In the spirit of national and literary pride, I would be remiss not to share my most recent and profound literary discovery, The Deptford Trilogy by Robertson Davies. Initially I purchased Fifth Business four years ago upon the recommendation of one of the wonderful professors I had while studying Canadian Literature.

Oulipo: Wordshift + 7

While feeling a little deflated at having been told classic Canadiana was no longer relevant, I would urge anyone to give Fifth Business a try. There were many insights which I would argue are not only relevant, but important and eye-opening, for anyone, of any age, at any time. In that vein, follow THIS link to check out some of the best offerings for Canadian fiction and non-fiction. We are excited for Word on the Street this year, and are happy to announce that both Keith Garebian, author of Georgia and Alfred , and Showey Yazdanian, author of Loopholes , will be featured!

Keep in mind that this year WOTS will be taking place at Harbourfront, and make sure you mark September 27 th from 11am-6pm on your calendar. You can check out the events right HERE. For those who were unable to attend or missed out, here are some really nice pictures which captured this charming literary moment! Quattro attended the Small Press Book Fair last weekend in Ottawa and launched three fantastic poetry titles and a new young adult fiction title to a warm reception.

It has been a very exciting week for Quattro. We had our second Spring launch, which was well attended and a lot of fun obviously. The readings were poignant, performative and in some cases, laugh out loud funny. It is always exciting when new books are launched. Quattro has been so lucky to have the support of so many, and during a busy and exciting week like this week, it is especially important for us to thank everyone who regularly attends our launches and has supported us.

Quattro was given an extraordinary opportunity last month to go the London Book Fair and meet some new people international presses and see a bit of London. We stayed for a week and had a wonderful time see photos. It was a worldwide industry fair, and almost overwhelmingly huge. Quattro also made time for fun and went exploring in Leicester Square the theatre district and Picadilly Circus, catching some great exhibits at the local art galleries, and a group trip to the stage version of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time.

Oulipo: Wordshift + 7

It was a theatrically innovative and very enjoyable show. What seems to me to be the most important point to drive home is how grateful we are to have been given such a wonderful opportunity.

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Thanks to the Ontario Media and development Corporation, for continuing to fund the arts, including Quattro Books. We were able to attend this amazing and eye- opening event, which enabled us to make a substantial number of promising connections for Quattro with U. K and European publishers, and was for some of us to return to a fascinating city, while others were able to take in its wonders for the first time.

It was another action-packed year for our press. The 16 remarkably varied books we produced represent a continued fulfillment of the vision Quattro has had since its beginnings, over eight years ago. They brought our total output to Our four single-author poetry books were by two well-known Toronto-based poets, Phlip Arima and Kate Marshall Flaherty, and two distinguished Vancouver-area poets, Christopher Levenson and Russell Thornton.

Our Fall launch on November 5 at Supermarket drew the largest crowd ever. On the second weekend in November a tremendous highlight for all of us at Quattro was having a booth at the Toronto International Book Fair, handsomely decorated by our staff.

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Throughout the year we continued to support and promote our authors to the best of our ability, as they read from their work at many events in southern Ontario, and traveled to readings and major festivals across the country, including Moncton, Calgary, and Vancouver, as well as Toronto. We were deeply pleased to see an abundance of favourable reviews, articles, and interviews in newspapers, literary magazines, and online publications, and we enjoyed hearing our authors on CIUT and CBC radio. Their own initiative and resourcefulness is always greatly appreciated — and definitely energizing for us!

Here was a site set up like a cozy lounge.

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And across the room, Margaret Atwood spoke on stage. Margaret Atwood!