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The opposite effect, Clampitt and Jain showed, happens with voids. Instead of focusing light, underdense zones bend light away as it arcs toward higher-mass areas. The Penn researchers intend to use the method to figure out how fast voids are kicking matter out, and then see which gravitational theory comes closest. Meanwhile, for fifth force advocates, voids are also scientifically appealing.

It might not be measurable on local scales, like here in the solar system, or in any matter-strewn environs, such as galaxy clusters.

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Voids, mostly free of matter, would then be the prime places to see the fifth force without such chameleonic camouflage. As theories go, dark energy — for all its mystery — is currently the best bet, with chameleon fields and a fifth force being the long shots.

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But as we determine the repulsive power of voids over cosmic history with better accuracy, the latter may still win out. Despite their insights into the big-picture questions of cosmic structure and fundamental forces, voids might have the most to say about the growth of galaxies. The conventional wisdom about how galaxies evolve supposes a hierarchical buildup from small to medium to large, just like for voids.

Lilliputian galaxies spawned by the early universe attracted their fellow young galaxies, which glommed together into bigger galaxies. The multiple rounds of galactic mergers that have since taken place have given us hefty galaxies like our Milky Way and nearby Andromeda. Void galaxies, however, have antisocially skipped out on galactic merging. Splendidly isolated, they have evolved almost entirely unto themselves in sparse environments.

Among the most fruitful efforts to date is the aptly named Void Galaxy Survey. Space- and ground-based telescopes further observed these hermit galaxies to tease out their shapes, rates of star formation and other galactic vital signs. Based on this small sample, void galaxies have thrown researchers for a loop. Void galaxies are, as expected, tiny.

In optical light, void galaxies look bluer on average than galaxies in denser regions, thanks to starlight beaming from a goodly number of hulking, bluish stars. These unexpected similarities to urban galaxies suggest that the conventional hierarchical model, wherein galaxies stack together like Legos into bigger cosmic structures, might not be the complete picture. Perhaps, some — or even most — galaxies might simply grow larger over time by sucking up available gas from their environments. If this galactic fuel is really there in voids, and we can find it, the so-called accretion theory for galactic evolution could explain why void galaxies do not look like bumpkins compared to their cosmopolitan cousins.

If current reckonings of dark energy or its still-more enigmatic cousins are right, the universe will keep on expanding at an ever-faster pace. The voids will swell ever larger, eventually taking up almost all the space in space.

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Distant galaxies will slip out of view, and with them the history of the universe. Even the galaxies in our Local Group will eventually either subsume each other or fly apart as emptiness asserts its reign. X Account Login Forgot your password? Register for an account X Enter your name and email address below. X Website access code Enter your access code into the form field below. Apply code If you are a Zinio, Nook, Kindle, Apple, or Google Play subscriber, you can enter your website access code to gain subscriber access. The Sciences. Planet Earth. Learn more about our new website.

The Sciences Why Nothing Really Matters Gaping cosmic voids might hold the answers to dark matter, dark energy and the very foundations of the universe. A graphic representation maps the local superclusters of galaxies in our universe, but also something else: vast tracts where few galaxies exist, called voids.

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  • Credit: Andrew Z. Newsletter Sign up for our email newsletter for the latest science news. Sign Up. A wide view of the local universe, spanning hundreds of millions of light-years, reveals the clumped and weblike structure of the cosmos, with strands of galaxies and immense voids. The Milky Way is just one of many points that make up the Virgo Supercluster. Rather than just empty, passive spaces, voids may hold clues to understanding dark matter, dark energy and galactic evolution.

    At right, the rectangle depicts a cross-section of the night sky containing almost , galaxies, about 10 percent of the total survey.

    Is it true that nothing really matters because one day I or the universe will cease to be?

    The green dots add depth to the picture, turning the image into a three-dimensional map. Because mass attracts mass through gravity, clusters and superclusters grow larger over time. But voids, because of their lower gravitational attraction, effectively act repulsively, pushing matter around. The most massive object in our immediate vicinity, named The Great Attractor, helps bring matter toward it, while helping make voids even emptier.

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    Gray blobs are galaxies, redder areas are more massive, and bluer areas are emptier. An illustration of the distribution of dark matter in the nearby universe brighter spots mean higher concentrations makes clear how much empty space lies between the massive, galaxy-lined filaments. Credit: The Illustris Collaboration. Because they grew up in relative isolation, the lonely galaxies within voids are a perfect test case for astronomers curious about how galaxies change over time, and what the earliest, primordial galaxies were like. These Are the Top Candidates.

    My Science Shop Elements Flashcards. My Science Shop Einstein's Universe. Even the rural folks our bus drove by in Belize still have it pretty good — I mean, they have walls, and materials to build with. They have schools. The point being — there are WAY bigger problems in the world than your logo color and your website fonts. There are people starving while you and I stress about exactly how our sales pages should sound. And there is a massive National Park just waiting to blow our entire world upside down.

    In the grand scheme of things, your day to day decisions in your business are nothing compared to what the world has on its shoulders right now. Which is why I want you to get on with creating it instead of stressing about it. Thank you for this, Becca. Our purpose is simply to BE, not do: to be a present and powerful force in the world. Thanks for the reminder. Now this may be obvious to others, but only works if you read the post online. Is it a WordPress plugin? Thanks Becca. I really needed this message today. Nice one. I seriously use this little trick all the time.

    This is one of my new favourite Becca posts. The little things are definitely not worth stressing over. I loved this and you are absolutely right, those small decisions we stress over pale in comparison to the worlds problems. Great advice to just make a choice and move on, I will be keeping this at the forefront of my mind from now on. I am currently preparing for a re-brand and all of those details you mentioned stress me out.

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