Learning Vaadin 7, Second Edition

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Learning Vaadin 7, Second Edition

You will learn about the fundamental concepts that are the cornerstones of the framework. Also, this book will show you how to integrate Vaadin with popular frameworks and how to run it on top of internal as well as externalized infrastructures. Learning Vaadin: Second Edition is a practical, step-by-step tutorial to understanding, using, and mastering the art of RIA development with Vaadin.

You will learn about the fundamental concepts that are the cornerstones of the framework, at the same time as making progress on building your own web application. The book will also show you how to integrate Vaadin with other popular frameworks and how to run it on top of internal as well as externalized infrastructures.

This book will show you how to become a professional Vaadin developer by giving you a concrete foundation through diagrams, practical examples, and ready-to-use source code. It will enable you to grasp all the notions behind Vaadin one step at a time: components, layouts, events, containers, and bindings. You will learn to build first-class web applications using best-of-breed technologies.

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It added a channel for distributing add-on components to the core Vaadin Framework, both for free or commercially. On launch date, there were 95 add-ons already available for download. On February 22, , Vaadin Framework 8 was released. On June 25, , Vaadin 10 was released. Vaadin Flow—the next generation of Vaadin Framework—was presented as a server-side Java web framework on top of the Vaadin components.

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On September 5, , Vaadin 11 was released with Gradle integration, a few new components and Vaadin Charts 6. On December 5, , Vaadin 12 was released.

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On March 6, , Vaadin 13 was released. On August 14, , Vaadin 14 was released.

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One of the main new features is the support for npm and Bower in Compatibility mode. Latest stable version as of November 8, , is Vaadin Vaadin's components are a comprehensive set of Web Components for application developers. The components can be used in web documents without frameworks and web frameworks compatible with Web Components. The Vaadin components are typically installed with npm or Bower.

For example, the following command installs the vaadin-button component:.

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Vaadin Flow previously Vaadin Framework is a web framework for building web applications and websites. Vaadin Flow programming model is similar to Vaadin Framework's—It uses Java as the programming language for creating web content. Vaadin Flow features a server-side architecture which means that most of the logic runs on the server. On the client-side, Vaadin Flow is built on top of Web Component standards.

It also includes API s for routing connecting user interface components to URLs , data binding synchronizing input fields with server-side data models , and server-side DOM manipulation. Vaadin Flow allows the usage of existing interface components and the implementation of new ones by using Java code running on the server side.

It is possible to create and modify the DOM from the server side.

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