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HS Spanish Download 5. Drafts and Review Materials For drafts and review materials please see the archive pages here. Search for:. Latest and Upcoming Report Global Warming of 1. Working Groups. The Iroquois made peace, and soldiers stayed in the colony as settlers. The king also had young women sent out as brides-to-be, and quick marriages and families were encouraged. When the offspring of these Filles du Roi came of age 20 years later, the demographic situation had changed. In there had been one woman to every 6 men; now the sexes were roughly equal in number.

The colony thereafter replenished 90 per cent of its numbers through childbirth. The Sovereign Council Superior Council after acted as a court of appeal and registered the king's edicts. Political, military and missionary activity, combined with economic factors, created a need for furs to be acquired from Aboriginal peoples. Intendant Jean Talon , with Colbert's solid backing and other favourable circumstances, started a vigorous development program.

In addition to watching over agriculture and the fur trade, Talon began ventures such as shipbuilding, trade with the West Indies, commercial crops like flax and hemp, fishing industries and a brewery. But by the time he left in , economic circumstances had changed and virtually nothing remained of these premature initiatives. It is difficult to identify the major elements of this nascent society. For Acadia, familiar features are the quality of its agricultural establishments, the importance of fishing and the alternating British and French regimes.

In the St.

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Lawrence Valley, farmers, though in the majority, were still clearing the land. Craftsmen no longer had the support of major enterprises. Fur traders were being squeezed by increasingly difficult regulations and economic circumstances, yet they provided the colony's only exports.

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Military officers, thanks to the introduction of coin currency and the presence of opportunities to flaunt themselves, enjoyed some prestige by entering into business and being in the governor's entourage. The seigneur had little revenue and took his standing from his title and the exercise of functions entirely unrelated to the land see Seigneurial System. Social mobility was still possible and caused categories and groups to mingle, but there were two worlds: the city and the country.

New France reached its greatest territorial extent at the start of the 18th century.

French translation of 'land'

About people lived in a dozen settlements in Newfoundland, and there were about 1, in Acadia. Several hundred lived around the mouth of the Mississippi and around the Great Lakes.

People from the St Lawrence Valley lived on the shoreline of Labrador as fishermen. In the West, a series of trading posts and forts dotted the communication lines. Despite this expansion, New France has been described as a "colossus with feet of clay. Furthermore the early 18th century brought a major economic crisis in the colony. Its main export item, fur, was hit by a European sales slump, declining quality and less attractive returns.

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The many young people who had just come to settle the country had no choice but to fall back on the land. Recovery was slow, but the economy experienced an unprecedented boom during the long period of peace, — France built an imposing fortress at Louisbourg to protect its fishing zones, land and commercial trade with the colony.

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Some seigneurs lived in the territory of Canada. A high birthrate led to a rapid population increase, which in turn led to the creation of parishes. Despite the strictures of mercantilism , two major industries were established: the Forges Saint-Maurice and royal shipbuilding see Shipbuilding and Ship repair.

Yet the fur trade still accounted for 70 per cent of the colony's exports.

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And peace was being used to prepare for war: 80 per cent of the colony's budgets which never equalled the sums spent on the king's amusements went to military expenses. Much more was spent on constructing European-style fortifications than on strengthening alliances with Aboriginal peoples. Colonial society, influenced by the French elite that led it, modelled itself on the mother country, yet increasingly grew apart from it because of the colony's small population and very different, land-based, economic and geographic circumstances. Nobles, the middle class, military officers, seigneurs, civil administrators and traders formed a high society which was extremely sensitive to the favours of the colonial authorities.

Eighty percent of the population lived on and by the land. Each generation produced new pioneers who cleared and settled land, acclimatized themselves, managed some new territory and came to know their neighbours. The acquisition of this territory in America by French descendants was characterized by the importance of the land, of inheritance, of economic independence and of analyzed social relationships. France felt that New France cost much and yielded little. The expensive but inconclusive War of the Austrian Succession , which ended in , saw the destruction of French overseas trade by Britain.

The British colonies, with 1. After some spectacular military successes, the result of strategy well adapted to the local terrain, France fell back on the defensive. France yielded its colony to England in the Treaty of Paris It was the end, or nearly so, of French political power in America — but not of French presence.

France left a great legacy to America: the Canadiens. They refused assimilation and affirmed their existence. Protected by their language, religion and institutions, concentrated in a limited geographic area, difficult to penetrate, they developed a way of life, social customs and attitudes of their own. Eccles, The French in North America, ;. Jacques Mathieu, La Nouvelle-France. Peter N. Times, Sunday Times He had worked his way through a large number of ministerial positions before finally landing the top job. The committee failed to land a clean blow. And he was not alone in landing a plum job.

Is the promise of armed guards patrolling their land enough to appease the villagers? The biggest problem for the new homes sector is land and planning restrictions. And this time the French champions are confident they can finally land the Arsenal boss. The Sun He made it sound as though he had just landed his dream role. The challenger says he will walk through two punches to land five if necessary tonight. The quiet skies mean both teams could make their way by land and sea. Norwegians live in a land made almost exclusively of mountains.

A neighbour said it was a quiet road and the air ambulance had landed in one of the surrounding fields.

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By he owned 1, square miles of land in the country. Spanish police took the men from the plane when the The animal is under threat of extinction in the wild as its forest habitat is destroyed to make way for agricultural land. The first flights have landed at the airport. The land area of the island is acres, mostly devoted to agriculture. The wild world and the tame world are just connected as the sea and the land. There are simply fewer people on the land to keep down the wild dog numbers. They manage to land planes there. They would have come with merchants by land or aboard ships.

Under the current system planes land on one runway and take off from the other. We want to ensure that we remain a free and prosperous land of opportunity.