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Tutorial// Wie lade ich mir ein Texturenpack Runter//GERMAN//

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Comment Can't say why but 'about' just sounds wrong. Comment Thanks. But you say "what do you think about going to the cinema? Comment I think there is a difference, although in casual conversation maybe not so strictly. What do you think of me him, her,etc. What do you think about me?

Comment thanks wpr! Comment I would say both are correct, and the difference, if it exists at all, is slight. But both can be used in both contexts. Both can also be used with regard to, e. Comment I would say that "what do you think of her? I can imagine S. Irgendwo muss aber doch der Wurm drin gewesen sein, und dem wollte ich auf den Grund gehen. Drum hab ich mich hier eingeklinkt. Ich lade mir die zip Version. Installiere Wine und erstelle mir einen Starter zu Frizing. Unter Linux Mint Funktioniert super.

In-fact that is nothing short of absurd. That of which I must note.

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