La fiera (Spanish Edition)

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  2. saca la fiera.
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Alla fiera dell'est (English translation)

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    Yes, it's a fierce wild animal It could mean that you're a fighter or that you're very good in bed It's a compliment! Quite coloquial indeed. In Spain it means that you are great, in general or at something. Notice that we say "un" if we are addressing a man. Last edited: Feb 26, I guess it all depends on where the speaker is from as well What had the person done before this was said? Well, as I said we say " un fiera" to address a man if we want to convey the meaning that we have explained.

    PDF La fiera di Sinigaglia di Carlo Goldoni (Italian Edition)

    But if you address a man by saying " una fiera" you are referring to a wild animal. That would make more sense in this case, I guess. In english.. I think this phrase means..