Knowing the Facts about Meditation

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Those who have trouble making decisions may find consistent meditation to be helpful.

10 Things We Know About the Science of Meditation

Increased gyrification means additional surface area of the brain, which the study found enhances neural processing, or decision making. More studies are needed. However, the UCLA research found this to imply that meditation can lead to improvements in the way the brain performs a series of tasks, including making decisions.

Many give up on meditation because they think that long periods of time are needed each day to achieve any notable differences. He says being consistent with short bursts of meditation is far more effective than than inconsistent longer periods of time meditating. According to Shojai, only minutes per day are all it takes to begin noticing differences. The longer you make meditation a consistent part of your day, the more positive effects meditation has on the brain.

When meditation loosens these neural pathways they decrease feelings of fear and anxiety. In addition, new neural pathways, including more positive empathetic responses, begin to form. A study published in the November edition of Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes found that meditation can play a large part in improving heart health.

To kick off the study, people with coronary heart disease were given the option of taking a class on either transcendental meditation or health through improved diet and exercise. The study was meant to be introductory, and far more research is needed to learn more.

The Health Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation: The Science Behind The Practice | SELF

But the connection between heart health and meditation remains encouraging. Myriad studies have been conducted over recent years. The results have been published in such notable publications as Addiction Research, Journal of Addiction Medicine , and Mindfulness and Acceptance. The studies have found that meditation has played an important role in encouraging people to quit their addictions. One study looked at 19 adult alcohol-dependent graduates of an outpatient program. Fifteen of them underwent an eight-week meditation course. Stress reduction is perhaps the best known, and most widely accepted, benefit of meditation.

This release spurs the production of inflammation-promoting chemicals known as cytokines. In multiple recent studies, researchers have found that mindful meditation reduced the production of cytokines. The test subjects experienced stress reduction in as few as eight weeks. In one study, a group of human resource workers who consistently practiced meditation were able to stay focused and on task for longer periods of time than those who did not practice meditation.

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The meditating employees were even able to recall details better than the others. Meditation increases feelings of social connectedness towards strangers, improving levels of love and kindness. As with the case of stress reduction, meditation is able to reduce inflammation in the brain by limiting the production of cytokines. This leads to less stress and anxiety. It also encourages increased feelings of love and kindness in the brain. Well, sort of. Various research studies, some of which are currently underway, have found that meditation increases telomerase activity.

The longer the telomeres, the longer the person is likely to live. A study done at University of California at Davis found that meditation spurs on the production of telomerase, the enzyme that helps build telomeres.

Where's the Proof That Mindfulness Meditation Works?

University of Montreal. Medical Xpress.

Huffington Post. It has been observed that children with Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ADHD , who practice meditation, improved their concentration in school. Meditation is effective to ease lower back-pain than medication, therapies and even surgery. Meditation lowers cortisol level in the blood, as a result, reducing stress and decreasing the risk of stress-related diseases.

Many women have stated several benefits of practicing meditation such as a decrease in guilt, more self-compassion, and mindfulness. Google provides over a dozen meditation courses for their employees. They even have a meditation room. Meditation enhances creativity and innovation by reducing your stress hormone.

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Mediation also helps you build a social connection. It improves kindness, empathy, and mental endurance, even in children. Even a minute mindfulness meditation can lower distracting thoughts from anxious people. Deepak Chopra and his team of 33, set the Guinness World record for the largest online meditation in history. All of the meditators were present via live-streaming and meditated together for 30 minutes.

So, what do you think? Why not meditate to stay healthy and beautiful?

The Science of Meditation

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