Irrésistibles papas (Harlequin Edition Spéciale) (French Edition)

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AU schools, under the authority of a master, lead off from nature, to imitation-to a mean practice of mere copying, which fetters and debases genius. How much better to have open galleries, as the ancient Greeks, untrammelled; where the mind may follow its own impulses, and recommend itself at once to the great tribunal, before which all human excellence must come at last for its recompence and fame. Jessica Hart: Books, Biography, Blogs, Audiobooks, Kindle

Raphael never read a treatise or heard a lecture on his art. AU the great painters under Leo X, were of no school, they were fostered by individuals and the public, and all the efforts of the Academy of St.

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Luc have not been able to continue the breed. See what a diSerent worid! This is nature, as it is in Amsterdam, fat, Dutch nature; wrought out to a neat and prudish perfection, to be accomplished only by Dutch patience; admirable in animais, fruits, flowers, insects, night-scenes, vesse! AU, as you see, in this school have the same face; the artist has no idea of a connection between faces and minds. Scipio is a Dutch burgomaster. Here are Alexander and Diogenes; either in the tub will do fer the philosopher; both are Dutchmen.

But what harmony of colors; what living carnations; what relief; what truth and character! Let us sit down here and take a long look of Rubens, the Titian, the Raphael of the lower countries-of the singu! And now the divine Italy. If you Vol..

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Next is Lombardy, and her nno forms and expression ber master! His drapery seems agitated by the wiuds. Who can admire enough the naturai expression and attitudes of his figures, and his composition, simple and sublime. And berc is the fruitfu! And here are tableaux and. Who made her? The other ngure of the same canvass you will no doubt easily recognise. Cloven feet and homs are the stupid imaginations of the monks.

Without the temptations to sin what exercise or opportunity is there of virtue?

Much more than documents.

What becomes of human greatness—'of honesty, piety, charity, continence and all that props up the dignity of our race? With such a nature on! The English have given us nothing in retum for our Claudes and Poussins. Yet England does not yietd to any nation of Europe, in the munificence of her patronage. Walpole's collection at Houghton was valued at , pounds sterling. Who ever heard of the sensibilities of the Hollander?

The atmosphere, which nourished a Milton, would not have smothered a Raphael, or Michael Angelo;. This spirit which, like the mythology of the Greeks, put a God in every niche of the Temple; which produced the Angelos and Rubens, and breathed inspiration into artist and spectator, is qnenched. Your Presbyterian prejudices of the impressions produced by paintings, as well as by arcb'r tecture and music, are now obsolete.

Idolatry is to be feared only among a savage or very ignorant people.

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We have got beyond these limits; and a picture of the Saviour or the Virgin can have no worse effect now in a church, than the picture of a father or mother in the habitation of their children. In portraits, where vanity supplies a pnblic taste, England excels; and the engraver, who ministers to the common pride, and supplies the furniture of the parlor, and the lady's annual, succeeds as no where else.

These seven pieces every one admires ibr their mellow coloring, and for their bold. With these. Now this is the end of the Louvre-Are you not g!

Irreacutesistibles Papas Harlequin Edition Speacuteciale!

The Seine flows from under your feet so smooth, you can count the stars in its surface. It is arched by seveuteen sumptuous bridges, many of them in sight; and the dwellings ofluxurious men, and the Temples of the Divinity, vie with each other in magnincence, upon its banks, and the steeples stand tip-toe upon the neighboring bills. The correspondence of the architecture is not accidental. Its monuments are notonly heautuul in themselves, but are made, as you see,to harmonise with each other. The Louvre, the Institute, the Arch of Neuilly, the Tuileries and its gardens, the Madelaine, the Palais Bourbons, the Seine and all its turretted castles—ail are but parts of the same tableau.

In this respect Paris, so inferior to London in wealth, and to Rome in situation, is yet more beautiful than either. Paul's harmonises with nothing-Westminster Abbey, also, is lost in its individuality. The New Gallery" occupies one of the best situations in. The Madelaine, yet under the architect, was begun sixty years ago; St. Panl's was built by the same architect, and the satoe mason. As it stands at the head of our Fine Arts, as weH as Letters, 1 may as well tell yon the little 1 know of its organisation. The vacancies are filled by ballot of the members, with the approbation of the king.

We are just under the tower of Philip Augustns, so the end like the beginning of our acquaintance will have something of romance.

Here stood the tont de Nesle of tragical memory, and you have in view the Pont Neuf, and their is the Morgue. You see a stranger, never before a traveller, wandering in your country—. Such a traveller's views of human nature are very narrow. He judges of merit always by some mode or fashion of his own, and sets up his whims as the standard of propriety for others. One who has travelled does not think a fellow creature bad because.

Irrésistible papa (Harlequin Edition Spéciale) by DeAnna Talcott

He does not think any thing wrong that is not so essentially. If he should meet for exad p e a lady, an entire stanger, who would ask his arm. Germain--and there was an end of her. There is nothing so insipid and creamless as the fine things people say to one's self; and especially the fine things one says in reply. This with a little package of music will be handed you by Mr. D who is going to accompany it all the way himseU—The obliging man!

Please give him your thanks, and to his prettiest little wife in the world a thousand compliments from your very devoted humble servant. Paria, November SOth, OtfB of the eminent merits of the French character is the distinction theybestow upon letters. A literary reputation is at once a passport to the first respect in private life, and to the first honors in the state. In Paris it gives the tone, which it does no where else, to fashionable society. It is not that Paris loves money less than other cities,but she loves learning more, and that titled rank being curtailed of its natural influence, leamipg bas taken the advance, and now travels on in the bigh-way to distinction and preferment, without a patron, and without a riva!.

Newspaper editors; schoolmasters, astronomers, and poets, who have thrust the purpled nobles, and timehonored patricians from the market of public honors,. The same marks of literary supremacy are seen through every feature of the community.


Who was at Madame Ricamier's last night? Chateaubriand; and at the Duchesse d'Abrantes? Louis by the side of Massena.

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We ought then to presume that the literary and scientific institutions of the French should correspond with this sentiment in favor oflearning; and so they do. Here are two sheets of large post, which 1 must try to fill with this subject. Not that 1 think ladies more frivolous than men, or men more stupid than ladies, but it is my humor.

The authority which presides over the Public Instruction iu France, is personified under the term University," at the head of which is a minister, who has a salary of twenty thousand dollars, and a rank with the other ministers.