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Much like the legendary 9 times Comrades winner Bruce Fordyce, Steyn has gradually improved year after year. At her very first Comrades in she finished 56 th in a time of A year later she improved to 14 th position in Last year - after having battled an injury - she only decided three weeks before to go ahead and run Comrades. Just as well. She took 4 th place in Looking at her recent performances she is definitely on track. Just as Fordyce tested his speed over shorter 10km races in the weeks leading up to Comrades, so has Steyn. She recently clocked a at the RAC 10km in Randburg before clocking another at another 10km race in Pretoria.

All great indications that come 10 June, this girl is going to shine. Steyn calmly exchanged a few words before leading all the way home, never looking back even once. Even this performance reminded of Fordyce who back in the days shook the hands of his competitors before passing them with ease, also never looking back. After Oceans celebrations were plenty, but Steyn soon said she was ready to get back to her routine and focus on the Ultimate Human Race.

I raced hard and that takes a lot out of your system, both physically and mentally. Training for the Big One A very important part of her training entailed a training camp in Graskop, Mpumalanga, followed by another one in Lesotho where the altitude is over m above sea level. We did plenty of hiking and were lucky to have the last bit of the sunny weather during the time that we were there. A different mindset Steyn is known for her slight diversion from the traditional very high mileage followed by most long distance athletes.

I follow a strict running program but love to mix it up with other types of training.

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It had worked for me for Two Oceans and therefore I decided to stick to that. And the most enjoyable? It has been a real treat to be able to share every training session with him. Most of the time he either ran with me, otherwise he supported on the bike. I feel like strength and endurance come more natural for me but speed is where I have lots of room for improvement. Gerda took 14 minutes off her previous best to finish in 12 th position in a time of Nolene smashed her previous PB by 12 minutes, finishing 9th overall in a time of , making her the fastest SA female marathoner of the year.

Gerda has had a massive jump from 10th to 3rd. All in all an incredible day out for both these promising young runners. I am super stoked and happy about the entire race. I felt strong from the start and managed to run within myself as I planned.

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Though it was the first time she started a marathon in the Elite pen of a big European city marathon, she was quite calm at the start. I put my trust in God and He delivered. At least meet with him, speak to him, and if you find him hateful I shall shelter you from all harm.

That will get him out of here before he sets the ceiling on fire and we must slay him for it.

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She thought of asking to meet him in the Iron Wood, and bit her tongue, trying not to smile. Perhaps somewhere in Vanaheim was best, she thought. That reminded her of the one time she had seen Frey, which had been his death. Could I marry a man who dies by the knife every year? Gymir stood forth then. Still, it might distract this raving Alf. The sword wavered in the air, and dropped. Finding now no opposition to his demands, and faced with an etin-lord ready to haggle, he was no longer on sure territory.

Skirnir looked dismayed. Tell your lord that no other bride-price will do, and that if he wishes to bargain, his wedding will be much delayed," said Gymir. But none may touch it until she is delivered to their wedding night! But Beli stood forth angrily and faced his father. Why did you not allow me to slay the rascal, and then we would have had the sword anyway? Now, I do not mind a war or two, but the spring shipments are ready to go across the water, and-" "These are the words of a trader, not a warrior!

I am sure that I can find ways to make him sorry that he fell in love with me. When Skirnir thundered back over Bifrost, he found Frey waiting anxiously by the gatehouse, next to where Heimdall kept his watch. Frey ran up and seized his stirrup. But at least she will see me! I told them that you had promised it to me, but they were adamant. Odin saw his reddened eyes, and though he did not guess at the cause, he released Frey to go home for one month. She met him in the woods, in the darkness, so that she would not have to look into his eyes at first. He brought a torch, but she called down a gust of wind to blow it out.

He saw her only as a tall figure in the shadows, waiting for him, and it seemed that he saw as well the flash of red eyes in the darkness, and the graceful shadow of a great cat. She stood alone, draped in her dark cloak the color of the turned earth, her hands clasped before her. Why did you not come yourself? He might have spitted you on a pike, that is true," she said. He shook his head. No, I was afraid that I would fall to my knees before you and beg you to marry me, and that would shame us all in front of your family.

I could not trust myself, so I sent Skirnir. Gerda lifted her head proudly. It was no idea but mine.

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Am I not worth your finest possession? I would give you anything I have. But I am bound by my hostage-vows to fight with the Aesir, and if Ragnarok comes, it may be used against me. My father and my sister and I swore them on terrible ancient powers.

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  8. I must live in Asgard or Alfheim for two-thirds of the year, and only visit my home during the autumn. And for the rest, I could spend the springtime in Alfheim, though I like it not, and I expect that the Alfar will like me little as well. There is no hope for that. I will never go to Asgard.

    It pained him to be caught between his oaths and her pride, but his love for her was great enough that being together for half the year was worth losing her for the other half. She stood still again for a moment, as if she had not expected him to agree, as if she was only just realizing the full force and depth of his love for her, and she looked for a moment lost, like a girl who is unsure of what to say.

    Then he stepped close to her, and decided that the time had come to go beyond speaking, and he kissed her, and his golden aura enveloped her like the sun rising behind a dark standing stone.

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    And soon her long cloak fell to the ground, and her dress pooled about her ankles, and they spent the night there together in the Barri Woods. Just before dawn, as the sky was beginning to lighten, Gerda asked the one question that she had carried with her in her heart all these years. It is good to see you again.