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I viewed — and still view — the establishment of the state of Israel as a fundamentally just cause: the most persecuted people in human history finally gaining the right of self-determination after centuries of displacement, intimidation, violence and genocide. For me, this remains true even as I oppose the occupation of the West Bank.

It is my Zionism that informs my view that the Palestinian people also have the right to their own state. But my view is not at all shared by the progressive activist crowd I encountered on campus. For this group at my school, and similar groups on campuses and cities around the country, Zionism itself is, to parrot the Soviet propaganda of several decades ago, racist.

I am one of them. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is repeatedly dragged into discussions ranging anywhere from L. I expected this loophole, as it is all too common across progressive spaces: groups protect themselves against accusations of anti-Semitism by trotting out their anti-Zionist Jewish supporters, despite the fact that such Jews are a tiny fringe of the Jewish community. Such tokenism is seen as unacceptable — and rightfully so — in any other space where a marginalized community feels threatened.

The Official Journal of the Ensign Trust, London

All of this puts progressive Jews like myself in an extraordinarily difficult position. We often refrain from calling out anti-Semitism on our side for fear of our political bona fides being questioned or, worse, losing friends or being smeared as the things we most revile: racist, white supremacist, colonialist and so on. And that is exactly what happens when we do speak up.

The rally attracted dozens of students. We all gathered in the quad where we chanted for fair wages, cheered for speakers and booed the names of G. Both Odin and David are listed there, he says. Then on page 41, Mr Milner traces the later Odin dynasty as follows:. His mother was Queen in her own right, of the Guelphic line. His father was a prince of the Saxon dukedom of Coburg-Gotha, one of several branches of the House of Wettin.

To that house our king belongs.

Graduate Certificate in Israel Education at The George Washington University | The iCenter

Like the older Saxon and Norman lines, this newer Saxon comes from Odin whose connection with the dynasty of David we have already discussed. A second son of Odin made him progenitor of William the Conqueror. Through the union of several lines, he was the ancestor of the Plantagenet kings and the Hanoverian princes.

By a fourth, named Wecta, crowned by him, King of Saxony died A. Queen Victoria was also of this line, by her mother. Knights and noblemen of the Old World and citizens of the New, each in their own turn, through service and achievement have given to it a notable place in history. It is apparently of Saxon origin and is known to have existed in the twelfth century. It was from this latter village that the name of de Wessyngton was derived by the progenitor of the Washington family … In different sections the name was spoiled in divers ways.

Other forms appearing in important records are Weschington, Wassington, and Washington. In the standardized form of the present day this name is widely mentioned in early county records of England and is engraved on timeworn monuments in churches and cathedrals. From which branch of our Washingtons is he descended? Elusive clues were followed without definite results until through the persistent efforts of Henry F. Waters, the connecting links between the American and the English ancestry were eventually discovered.

Having established the connecting link, it was then possible to trace the English ancestry of George Washington back, through the rector of Purleigh, to the Sulgrave branch of the family, and on back for seven generations to John Washington, of Tewhitfield, County Lancashire, whose great-grandson, Lawrence Washington of Grays Inn was Mayor of Northampton and grantee, of the Sulgrave estate which remained in the direct family for two generations….

His mother, Margaret Butler Washington, was a daughter of Margaret Sutton, through whom a strain of royal blood descended into the veins of George Washington. Though fitted in every way to serve as a wise and considerate Sovereign had he permitted the people to proclaim him King of the United States of America, he most emphatically declined that honour, preferring to be called the President. She, too, came from a distinguished family.

The escutcheon of her family bears upon it a black lion on a silver shield with a crest having a lion rampant, holding a golden ball in his paws. The more immediate ancestry of Mary Ball is traced back to Colonel William Ball, who emigrated to Virginia about and settled in Lancaster County on a plantation called Millenbeck, on the Rappahannock River.

The Bicentennial Papers pay this tribute to Mary Ball:. In this Coat-of-Arms is to be found both the Stars and Stripes.

‘Definition of insanity’: Israel loses at George Washington University

As we have seen, many of the early colonists wanted to crown George Washington King of the Confederation. He declined the Honour. Nevertheless, their readiness to make him a king indicates their recognition of his royal lineage. Some of the Founding Fathers, and many other citizens of that time, had distinctive family heraldry; however, they said little about their background because of their desire to avoid the rise of class consciousness in the New Republic.

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Yet these facts are extremely important today because they prove beyond the shadow of doubt that the English speaking and kindred people have a common heritage. The digitized George Washington Thumb Bible may be viewed here in its entirety. The Scholar who Changed the Morning Blessing.

George Washington U student Senate passes BDS resolution

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