Dinner Table Conversations

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Family Dinner Conversation Starters for Kids

If someone says something that is totally incorrect, you may pause, nod, and offer a different perspective. If the person starts to argue, smile and change the subject.

There are some things you may discuss in certain groups but not in others. While some families and groups of friends may thrive on current events, there are some who are easily rattled and might find these types of discussions unsettling. Rely on conventional social etiquette while at the table. Use your judgment and pay attention to signals.

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The dinner table is the place to come together, make small talk, laugh, and enjoy friends and family. Keep conversation light and lively to show respect for the host and other guests.

Here is a list of safe, pleasant topics you might want to discuss:. Food: It is always a good idea to discuss what you like about the food you are eating. The host or hostess will be flattered, and if everyone else is eating the same meal, they can add their thoughts.

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You might even want to add an anecdote about similar food or ask for the recipe. You might learn some fashion tips if you give the other person a chance to respond. Music: Most people enjoy some type of music, so that is generally a safe topic at the table. You can share thoughts about your favorite entertainers or composers and tell about a concert or symphony that you particularly enjoyed.

10 No-Fail Dinner Party Conversation Starters

Other topics to avoid:. Politics: Unless the dinner is being held in honor of a political candidate or is happening in the midst of a political convention, leave all talk of politics for later. The stories and topics at Inspire Conversation are designed to provoke thought and motivate kids and teens to respond. Inspire Conversation was started so that parents and kids had a valuable resource that can help them communicate about the important issues and values today. Dinner conversations that are positive and productive can help keep your entire family happier and healthier, with each member having more self esteem and the tools needed to succeed in life.

All of these skills can be learned during dinner time conversations but they transfer into the workplace and chosen career. Good conversation is as central to a successful dinner party as good food, wine and flowers. Whatever style you prefer, a successful conversation requires multiple parties — a shifting alliance of talkers and listeners, performers and audience members, alphas and betas. Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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