Die Erben (Norkia 5) (German Edition)

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People and ideas drift in and out within single paragraphs and things I wanted to know more about were not expanded upon in favor of things I did not feel contributed to the theme of the book. Not nearly current in when published. Overlooks knowledge lectures remotely available Great Courses. And universities since the s moving into online credit courses in engineering and ranging to Medieval manuscript hands.

The style floats somewhere between academic and popular, though frequently it is engaging.

Where the book succeeds is giving the reader a rough sense of the evolution and historical flow of the form and structure of learning, its transmission, and the contexts that surround these shifts -- from oral to written culture, then from the learned individual into the institutional setting and corporate sponsorship. It leaves one with the feeling that no intellectual paradigm can be taken for granted. Sep 24, Daniel rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This is one of the most creative historical studies I've read in a long time. McNeely and Wolverton situate the institutions of knowledge production and dissemination in six different eras.

In each, their account suggests that different ways of creating knowledge affect the dominant forms e. Another key theme is the interplay of knowledge and power. Unlike Foucauldian approaches that sometimes reduce knowledge to a discourse of control and domination or naively This is one of the most creative historical studies I've read in a long time. Unlike Foucauldian approaches that sometimes reduce knowledge to a discourse of control and domination or naively whiggish interpretations that suggest that intellectual production can be separated from its social context, the authors indicate how institutions often rely on, sometimes reinforce and sometimes challenge dominant social forces.

This is a strikingly innovative book, graced by lively, accessible prose and grounded in impressive research and thoughtful contemplation.


The authors are colleagues and friends of mine. The theme is very good. But the warnings started from reading the title: And that is the precise level of the whole volume. Dull scholastic text following a story, the kind the Grimm Brothers would weave. Yet these two authors are stopping short of the shopping list of Demetrius of Phaleron. What constituted knowledge, according to the authors, changed six times over the course of human history, and the institutions that accomplished these transformations were the library, the monastery, the university, the "republic of letters," the disciplines, and the laboratory.

Each institution epitomized its era's conceptualization of knowledge and built structures both physical and abstract to house and organize its accumulated learning. These institutions, in turn, ultimately gave way to structures better able to cope with its period's knowledge. The library and the scroll, were, for example, suited to the Greco-Roman world in which the library embodied authority and the scroll worked as a portable written text that could be carried and disseminated throughout a far-flung imperial world.

Similarly, monasteries were islands where knowledge was protected and reproduced in illuminated codices amid the chaos attending the fall of Rome. The university grew up in medieval towns resulting from Europe's economic and cultural recovery, and, during the religious and political upheaval of the [End Page ] reformation and Renaissance, the "republic of letters" united humanists in an informal but geographically dispersed community of scholarship. The first disciplines appeared in Germany in the eighteenth century concomitantly with that nation's emphasis on education, and disciplinary professional societies reached consensus on the nature of knowledge and its validity.

Guide Schwarzer Fluch (Detective Daryl Simmons 3) (German Edition)

Last but not least, the laboratory and its emphasis on experimentation and the scientific method became the most modern means of producing knowledge. Having finished with the laboratory, the authors arrive at the Internet and are skeptical about its claims as the new institutional knowledge broker. The Internet fails as a knowledge institution because it creates no new knowledge but only presents it in a different manner.

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Reinventing Knowledge is a solid, very readable book. The authors are on firm ground both analytically and stylistically when they discuss the earlier institutions—the library and monastery, for example. They develop their topology convincingly and take the reader on side trips to non-Western cultures to illustrate their points.

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In their discussion of the monastery, for instance, the authors underscore their argument by pointing to the social and political rationale for the Han dynasty's preference for permanent, immoveable stone texts over more mobile, albeit more perishable, formats. For these reasons alone, the book will interest both the general and undergraduate reader. Matt Simpson delighted with 'mega' Silverstone weekend.


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