Curso Prático de MySQL (Portuguese Edition)

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Membro da equipe de desenvolvimento do PostgreSQL. Especialista em banco de dados. Ganha a vida trabalhando na Timbira, onde ele trabalha em consultoria, suporte, treinamento e desenvolvimento de funcionalidades patrocinadas. Te aguardo na sala!

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O software livre Brasil. IO disponibiliza esses dados em formatos abertos. Mostraremos como usamos o PostgreSQL e ferramentas que facilitam trabalhar com dados. Atualmente sou DBA no Enjoei. Por fim, discutirei alguns casos de uso utilizando python e elixir. Sou um entusiasta por tecnologia. Atualmente trabalho na EmCasa. Trabalha com PostgreSQL a mais de 8 anos atendendo clientes dos mais diversos setores e tamanhos. Vou mostrar um caso de sucesso de uma melhora significativa de performance quando escalamos um banco PostgreSQL11 horizontalmente utilizando partioning e foreign-data wrapper.

Melhoras de mais de 20x no tempo de resposta de algumas queries complexas. This talk deep dives into the configuration of security in all seven layers of the model.

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It shows how the dependent layers interact with each other, and discusses the advantages and disadvantages of security approaches. Database Administrator, Automation Developer and Project Manager in a wide variety of business applications. Particularly interested in relational data architecture, data design, data warehouses, and business intelligence using PostgreSQL and Pentaho Data Integration in a production environment. Quando que o particionamento pode ser um problema, ao ponto de ser abortado?

Quando o hibernate se torna um problema? E como contornar?

Modelagem de Dados - Chave Primária, Estrangeira e outras

PostgreSQL 11 comes with around 40 different data types preinstalled. Use cases and examples show which data type is a good fit for a certain situation. The PostgreSQL project is going places, and at an increasing pace. With rapid development cycles and new major releases being rolled out each year, we will aim to identify some of the reasons why Postgres is gaining popularity amongst developers.

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  5. We will demonstrate increasing adoption rates and why people are gravitating towards open source PostgreSQL for mission critical use cases. He is also a major developer and committer of the PostgreSQL project. Simon has contributed major features in each of the last 6 versions of PostgreSQL. His work includes recovery and replication performance and monitoring as well as designs for many other features. Simon has worked as a Database Architect for 20 years with high-end solutions experience and certifications on Oracle, Teradata and DB2.

    Displaying the progress of DDL commands is a work-in-progress in Postgres. Some things already work, and others are in the works; I describe what exists today and what we can get in the future. I also explain how it works, so you can implement it for your favorite DDL for fun and profit.

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    In his lifetime he has got many features in almost all major versions since 7. His knowledge of the database internals has allowed him to recover many corrupted databases, and plans never to do that again Tem como principais objetivos o aumento da disponibilidade e baixo tempo de resposta. Transaction wraparound is a known issue in Postgres, and any experienced Consultant has at least once had to deal with server performing an emergency shutdown to prevent corruption due to transaction ID wraparound.

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    But the safeguards come with a price to pay. Sabe quando usar? Sabe como o PostgreSQL pode ser usado e se pode ser usado? Conhece os tipos de bancos de dados NoSQL? Nessa palestra vou demonstrar o case do iFood onde conseguimos com sucesso trocar uma ferramenta de busca dedicada pelo PostgreSQL, e ainda atingir melhores resultados. Entusiasta do PostgreSQL. After a brief sabbatical in to work on personal projects and a short stint at VividCortex he's back at Percona with the added challenge of taking on PostgreSQL support. User will fill our contact form and then click in submit, instead of sending the email we are going to enqueue the email to be sent by the redis queue.

    The above will use the default Redis connection port to localhost, take a look at RQ docs if you need to set another redis server. On the cases above we just enqueued tasks to be executed by the workers, now we need the worker running. The worker should run under the web2py environment, because we are using web2py modules to send emails and create the thumbnail, so the RQ worker should be started with this script.

    Guide Curso Prático de MySQL (Portuguese Edition)

    With the above worker running the enqueued tasks will be executed and then worker will keep listening for new tasks. You can also put the worker to run in backgroungm for this you shoud use nohup python web2py. The easiest way is probably to use the RQ dashboard, a separately distributed tool, which is a lightweight webbased monitor frontend for RQ, which looks like this:. O download do app pode ser feito em: Download pacote w2p.

    Se você quer um framework web que não te deixe na mão, Vai de Grails!

    I am honored to be nominated by Massimo, and also very happy to have been accepted. Not just a personal recognition for me, but also a recognition for all the work done with web2py , and also highlighted the importance of a web2py within the Python community. I guess that the PSF members who voted have read my CV and obviously my historical analysis did not take into account only the work I do with web2py, but also the work I've been doing to promote and strengthen the use of the Python language in my country with my participation in events as well as advocating and teaching courses about the language and promoting it in companies where I give consulting services.

    I assume that this election has taken this into consideration. Just the other day the Python Software Foundation held an election, the second and final one of the year, and the results are in! Please join us in welcoming all of them!

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    Candidates for PSF membership are nominated by an existing member for their work in the Python community. The membership is comprised of people from around the world and from many areas of the community. These new members are selected from many different areas of the Python community. While some members are known for their contributions of code, many are known for their work to grow their local and regional communities.