Bible Study Discussion Starters: Luke 1-3

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Luke 24 What three men came by the wounded man? Luke 25 What did the priest and Levite do when they saw the wounded man? Luke 26 Why did the Samaritan come to the wounded man? Luke 27 What did the Samaritan do for the wounded man? Luke 28 What promise did the Samaritan make to the innkeeper? Luke 29 Who was the neighbor in the parable of the good Samaritan? Luke 30 In the home of what two sisters did Jesus visit? Luke 31 Whom did the house belong to? Luke 32 What request did Martha make of Jesus? Luke 33 Who was careful and troubled about many things and who chose the one thing needed?

Luke Luke Chapter 11 1 What was Jesus doing just before the disciples asked him to teach them to pray?

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Luke 2 How many loaves did the man ask of his friend in night and why? Luke 3 Why did the man not want to be bothered?

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Luke 4 Why and why not did the friend rise and give the man bread? Luke 5 What does the writer say a man would not give his son if he asked for bread, fish and also an egg?


Luke 6 What will the Father give those who ask Him? Luke 7 Through whom did the people say Jesus cast out devils? Luke 8 Who was Beelzebub? Luke 9 What happened to a kingdom and a house that divided against itself? Luke 10 What happens when a stronger man takes over? Luke 11 What did the man do when the unclean spirit left him? Luke 12 How did the man find his house?

Luke 13 How many spirits did the man take in? Luke 14 How were the spirits as compared to the man? Luke 15 What about the last state of the man? Luke 16 Who did Jesus say was blessed? Luke 17 What did the people seek and what did Jesus promise them? Luke 18 To whom was Jesus a sign of in verse thirty? Luke 19 Who came from the utmost parts of the earth to hear the Wisdom of Solomon? Luke 20 What did the men of Nineveh do at the preaching of Jonah? Luke 21 Where does a man not put a lighted candle? Luke 22 When is the body full of light and also full of darkness?

Luke 23 Why did the Pharisee marvel when Jesus went in and sat down to eat with him? Luke 24 What did the Pharisees do to the cup and saucer? Luke 25 How could all things be clean unto the Pharisees? Luke 26 What should the Pharisees have done and what not left undone?

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Luke 27 When Jesus condemned the Pharisees who else did He condemn? Luke 28 Why did Jesus pronounce woes upon the lawyers? Luke 29 Whose blood was to be required of this generation for atonement? Luke 30 Where did Zacharias die?

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Luke 31 Why did the Scribes and Pharisees provoke Jesus to talk of many things? Luke 32 What did the lawyers do with knowledge? Luke Luke Chapter 12 1 How great was the multitude of people gathered together in chapter twelve? Luke 2 To whom did Jesus speak first of all? Luke 3 Whose leaven did Jesus warm his disciples against? Luke 4 What did Jesus call the leaven of the Pharisees?

Luke 5 What happens to things that are covered according to Jesus? Luke 6 What happens to things that are hid according to Jesus? Luke 7 Where will the words of the disciples spoken in darkness are heard? Luke 8 From where will the words of the disciples spoken in closets be proclaimed according to Jesus?

Luke 9 Jesus told his friends not to be afraid of whom? Luke 10 Who did Jesus forewarn his friends of? Luke 11 What was sold for two farthings? Luke 12 Who does not forget even the sparrows? Luke 13 Jesus told his disciples that something they possessed was numbered and what was it?

Luke 14 According to Jesus his disciples are of more value than what? Luke 15 Before whom will Jesus confess, if man will confess Jesus before men? Luke 16 According to Jesus, words spoken against the son of man will be forgiven, but what shall not be forgiven? Luke 18 Was Jesus answer to the man who desired a division of the inheritance in the form of a statement or a question? Luke 19 After Jesus question about who made him a judge or a divider of inheritance, he told his hearers to take heed and beware of what? Luke 20 In a parable of a certain rich man, how did the ground bring forth? Luke 21 Since the rich man had no place to store his fruits, what did he decide to do?

Luke 22 When the rich man decided to build greater barns to store his goods, what four things did he decide to tell his soul? Luke 25 If one lays up treasures for himself, to whom is he not rich? Luke 26 According to Jesus what is more important than meat? Luke 27 What did Jesus say did not sow, reap, or have storehouses, nor barns? Luke 28 Who feeds the ravens? Luke 29 Who did Jesus say was better than the fowls? Luke 30 Jesus told his disciples to consider how something grew and toiled not nor spun.

Luke 31 Who clothes the grass of the field? Luke 32 After speaking of the grass of the field, Jesus tells his disciples not to seek two things, what are they? Luke 33 What kind of mind does Jesus tell his disciples not to have? Luke 34 Jesus said sell what you have and give what?

Luke 35 According to Jesus who cannot approach a treasure in Heaven? Luke 36 A moth cannot corrupt what in Heaven? Luke 37 Jesus told his disciples to gird their loins and what should be burning?

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Luke 38 According to Jesus who were to be like men who waited for their Lord to return from a wedding and opened the door for him? Luke 39 According to Jesus if the Lord finds his servants watching, what will he do for them? Luke 40 Name the two watches that Jesus said the servants are blessed if they are watching when the Lord comes? Luke 41 Jesus also said if the good man of the house had known what hour the thief would come, what would he have done?

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  8. Luke 42 Jesus told his disciples to be ready because, who would come at an unknown hour? Luke 45 What did Jesus say he had come to send fire on? Luke 46 Jesus said five in one houses would be divided. Luke 47 When the people saw a cloud rise out of the west, what happened?