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If you have a thing for log houses or furniture, then you might want to take a closer look here. Baby Zane is lucky to have a chainsaw-wielding and log house loving grandma because it was her grandma who built this crib for her. Baby Zane's crib is all-natural and down to earth. It uses 4 pieces of 4 to 5-inch diameter logs, plus 4 pieces of 3-inch diameter logs, and 30 pieces of 1. You are taken through the process of identifying the different types and sizes of logs, categorizing them, cutting and peeling them. The rest of the guide then takes you through the building process, which is quite different from building normal cribs.

You might not want a full crib, but rather, a co-sleeper which allows you easier access to your baby. That was what Rebecca wanted, and this plan shows how she built her dream crib. The crib is 33 inches long and 15 inches wide.

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This guide includes a tool list, a material list, and a cut list. It is presented in a step by step manner and with pictures. After the construction phase is over, this co-sleeper crib was painted white to match Rebecca's room and furniture. You should, of course, feel free to use any color of your choosing.

If you've been wanting to learn how to make a crib the right way, this guide contains all the information that you need to learn.

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It is packed full of color-coded plans with detailed measurements. The legs and most other parts are made from 1x3 lumber. It will require about one weekend to complete this plan and mostly standard woodworking tools and safety wear. This baby crib is 52 inches long, 27 inches wide, and about 35 inches high. All the detailed plans provide you with all the information you need to build a crib that is standard compliant and long-lasting. Caleb built it for his son to create a very masculine feel. The hand-drawn plans are very basic but they do show the crib's height to be 43 inches, while it is 51 inches long and includes a total of 24 baseball bats, 12 on each side.

This tutorial begins with a materials list, which includes sandpaper, wood glue, stain, and wax. Each step of the construction process is detailed with pictures and presented in a step by step manner until the final product was achieved. Jack's DIY baby crib plans aim to teach you how to make a crib the standard way. The plans are presented in a color-coded format, with each piece of lumber having its individual color. This crib is 53 inches long, 30 inches wide and 30 inches high.

You can build it with any type of wood you prefer like pine, and you can also choose to either stain and wax it, or to paint it. It will take about one day to complete this project and the tutorial is also easy to follow and understand. Although this crib could never be used as a toddler bed, it is still a very lovely and unique design, something to be cherished. This guide shows how an expectant dad built this amazing crib for his baby.

It uses pictures with detailed explanations to show each step of the building process. He first designed a crescent moon shape and then paneled wood along the sides. And after adding star holes to the sides, this crib became an undeniable masterpiece. You can choose to either leave it this way or to finish the wood in any creative way that you feel like. You will also need stabilizing feet to secure the crib. This crib is designed to provide that giant backboard look that you get to expect from a Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware coveted crib.

The first step of the 8-step guide begins with the cutting and building of the side panels. The second step is the building of the back panel, while the third step is the attachment of the side panels to the back panel. I'm sure you must be inspired by now and ready to turn your dream into reality. Contents 1.

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Don's Baby Crib Building Guide 6. Baseball Bat Baby Crib Plan Moon-Shaped Baby Crib Plan I built the bottom of the front by attaching the two boards like I did the sides, and then I attached the front legs to the bottom boards using pocket hole screws. Next I made my pocket holes in my top board. Again watch your spacing on this part so that they will be covered!

I attached the top board using 1. Next, I lined up that whole frame on top of the top front rail piece and attached it using wood glue and 1. Next I added my front slats using wood glue and 1. Watch your spacing on this part! Time for the mattress. You can see where the pocket holes are attaching the sides to the front and back….

After I finished building the crib, my amazing stepdad was kind enough to offer to stain this to keep me from having to do it. I gladly took him up on his offer! I chose to use Briarsmoke by Varathane and I am so pleased with the results. Here it is!

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Love it so much. I told our good friend Tyler of Wayne Works what I had in mind and he did not disappoint. He even rounded the edges just a bit giving them a softer look. You can get them HERE! Anybody have an thoughts on using aerosol polyurethane in a can vs brushing it on or even spraying it with a spray gun? They both yield beautiful results of you do it right. The trick is to sand between coats. I usually sand with grit or so between coats. How was the conversion for you? Whay modifications did you finish with and what possibility is there to have this crib design grow with child?

So I converted my sons crib to a toddler bed myself. I removed the entire front, left the side rails and back. Added a large piece of wood to the bottom of the front to stabilize. Works perfect and looks so cute!!! Works and looks adorable!

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I made this crib successfully 2 years ago before our baby was born. Only, then it can be given to the tiny kids, to provide freedom from varied forms of diseases. Ask people around, do some research or ask elders before heading shopping for your loved one. I too am curious how a standard crib mattress fits when the death of the sides are.

Can anyone tell me what size mattress worked for them? My husband and I have been eyeing these plans for a few weeks now. My only question stems from my concern of the mattress being so low. Is there a way to build this to have the mattress height be adjustable as the baby grows?

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I was planning on making the legs taller, as it appears some others have done, just because I like that look just a little better. However, my concern is I would have a harder time putting the baby in the crib or getting him out.

Regarding the metal decorations, I bought a sheet of aluminum for Pretty easy, then a little sanding and some spray paint. We are in the process of making this beautiful crib!! How does that fit?