A Guerra Secreta de Salazar em África (Portuguese Edition)

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Issue: A Journal of Opinion, Vol. Page Policy Toward Libya —, Page 5.

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Remarks on Mozambique , pag. Mozambique: a tortuous road to democracy.

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Editora Palgrave Macmillan. Universidade de Pretoria. Oficina do Livro. Belfiglio, Valentine J.

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Cooper, Tom. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy. Home A Guerra Secreta de Salazar Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Iberian fiction programmes are based on a plurality of formats, combining short narrative structures telefilms, TV movies, miniseries , with longer ones series and telenovelas.

The latter has had good viewing figures in Spain as well as in Portugal. In the case of the Portuguese adaptation, the historical period is shorter , and the main characters are from a middle class family, the Lopes, living in a working class neighbourhood of Lisbon. Both series use the idea of history as a testimony and as a narrative of progress. The story is told, in both cases, through the voice of Carlos. He is the youngest member of the family, and his narration is not situated in the s, but it occurs when he is already an adult.

This process of remembering is a representational mechanism allowing for fictional situations to attain credibility. History is not just a scenery, nor are the historic events abstract and impersonal.

Guerra d'independència de Moçambic - Viquipèdia, l'enciclopèdia lliure

In this sense, the documentary images used in the final cut of every chapter aim to legitimize the verisimilitude of elements in the screenplay, such as the scenery, the wardrobe, and the attrezzi. The frequent allusion to advertising, to popular products and to television and radio programming of the time reinforce the verisimilitude of the screenplay.

Crónica do Século (9) As Guerras de África (1961-1975) RTP

At the same time, the s and s are shown as a mere projection of the present day. The television narrative suggests that the market economy presented as a system of values was the point of departure for the arrival of political democracy. In doing so, both series construct a collective memory where the connatural violence of dictatorship has disappeared. The consumer society is shown as the best alternative. Both families are described as the very representation of a new emergent democratic middle class.

Spain and Portugal endured the longest dictatorships in Europe. In Spain, NO-DO was the official newsreel projected in cinemas from to , which showed nationalist propaganda content and contributed to the creation of Francoist official image. This can be seen in films such as Franco, ese hombre J. In these representations, his most human side was revealed, as he was shown surrounded by his nieces, hunting or fishing. In Portugal, the film industry was also at the service of propaganda for the Estado Novo.

Television directors and filmmakers used alternative sub-plots to demythologize official images on one hand, and to humanize or ridicule them, on the other hand.

These representations offer an innovative point of view, which substantially alters traditional values and imaginaries in the collective memory. Camino, or Madregilda F. Regueiro, are good examples of satirical humour used as an alternative genre to dictatorial representations.

A Guerra Secreta de Salazar em África (Portuguese Edition)

The first TV movie on the subject was produced by the private network Antena3 only in N. Franco is not portrayed in the TV film as a career military man, nor as a political leader, but as an old man falling in an endless agony, which mirrors the image of his own regime. He is shown lying in state, in his military uniform, with the self-awarded San Fernando Laureate Cross on his chest, the insignia that epitomizes his whole story as general and warrior.

While on his deathbed, Franco dictated his last will in a cold conscious manner, as the soldier he always was. The recent televisual representations of Salazar were also very different from the image fabricated by the propaganda machine of his political regime: from his modest origins as peasant and former seminarist, to a charismatic leader who lived an austere existence.

A significant case of a revisionist trend can be observed in the television miniseries and film production A Vida Privada de Salazar Jorge Queiroga, Historical Studies and Social Science. Camoes, Portuguese war propaganda, and the dream of a safe colonial empire, more. This much is made clear by Alan Freeland Publication Date: View on eprints. Slander, Ideological Differences, or Academic Debate? The Portuguese Empire more.

Publication Date: Publication Name: Latin American and Iberian studies collections. Parliament and the Army in Wartime Portugal, more.



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